Ryan Reynolds Shares Hilarious Deadpool Image, May Hint At Deadpool 2 Release Date

After Deadpool hauled in a lot of money, earned tremendous reviews and even hinted at a sequel in its post-credits scene, no one was surprised when 20th Century Fox announced that Deadpool 2 was coming. Nevertheless, the studio and creative minds involved have been cagey about what to expect from Wade Wilson's next adventure, including Ryan Reynolds. However, the actor just shared a cool piece of Deadpool artwork that may hint at the sequel's release date.

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Earlier today, Reynolds posted a fan poster on his Instagram page from artist Mutant101 of Deadpool defacing a men's bathroom sign by drawing Wolverine hair and claws on the standing man, an "X" on the wheelchair (thus turning him into Professor X) and renaming "Men" into "X-Men." That's funny enough by itself, but there's two other noteworthy feature on the poster. First off, it's called Deadpool: Number Two, which we could definitely see being the official title down the line. Second, "Coming Soon" is listed as the release date, and realistically, 2018 is about the soonest it could come out. Is Reynolds subtly hinting that Deadpool 2 is not long away? That's hard to say, but at least we know that Mutant101's poster has earned his seal of approval, even if the Merc with the Mouth is committing a felony.

Right now, the only X-Men-related movie that has been scheduled is Wolverine 3, as Gambit had to vacate its October 2016 spot. However, Fox also has two Marvel movies scheduled for March 2, 2018 and June 29, 2018, neither of which have been named. 2018 may feel like a long time away, but let's not forget that two recent superhero movies, Captain America: Civil War and fellow Fox entry X-Men: Apocalypse, came out two years after their predecessors. Deadpool was extremely successful, so it makes sense that Fox would want to release the sequel as soon as possible. Assuming the studio wanted to release it around the same time of the year as Deadpool came out, that March date would be the best fit, still guaranteeing doesn't face as much competition as it would during the summer. The June date could then be assigned to Gambit, New Mutants or even X-Force.

As previously stated, little has been revealed about what Deadpool 2 will offer, but fans can expect at least a few new characters. Cable, his metal-armed partner from the future, will play some kind of role, and Domino will also reportedly be involved. Beyond that, all that's guaranteed is that Wade Wilson will continue running around in the skintight red and black suit for more graphic, vulgar, fourth wall-breaking antics.

We'll keep you updated on Deadpool 2's progress, but in the meantime, let us know what you think about the fan-made poster in the comments below.

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