Could Aquaman Get His Famous Green And Orange Suit?

Most of the DCEU superhero suits introduced in Justice League felt reasonably accurate to the comic book source material. That said, there were still a few differences here and there. One of the most noticeably changed outfits was the one worn by Arthur Curry, which missed many of the colorful costume hallmarks that we tend to think of when we talk about the King of Atlantis. Now it appears that could change in a major way, as the suit used in James Wan's Aquaman reportedly features far more of the green and orange that we associate with Arthur's traditional costume. The Aquaman Shrine Twitter account wrote:

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So according to people who attended the recent Warner Bros. licensing event: the Aquaman suit has received a significant makeover for the character's transition from ensemble to solo movie. Based on the rumor, it sounds like we can expect a version of the suit that looks more colorful and shares numerous similarities to the outfit seen in the comics. It's still unclear exactly how Arthur will actually get the updated suit (maybe it was just lying in wait, like the unused black Superman suit seen in a recently-revealed deleted scene from Justice League), but if the new suit is the real deal, we'll probably get a more concrete explanation when the film finally debuts.

The Aquaman Shrine's possible tease of an Aquaman suit that is more accurate to the comics makes sense when we consider the evidence that we already have at our disposal. We have yet to see much from the set of Aquaman, but one specific image of Mera (Amber Heard) posted by James Wan last year teased a far more colorful look for the Queen than anything seen in Justice League. Check it out, below.

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Compare that to the brief cameo in Justice League, and you can quickly notice that Mera's red hair has been highlighted far more in the solo movie. Moreover, her outfit has more shades of green and orange in the armor and generally looks less muted and ancient than the armor seen in Zack Snyder's take on Atlantis. If Arthur Curry's armor will indeed look the same when the film finally debuts, then that means that there's a lot to start getting excited about for source material purists.

Audiences will likely get a chance to see the Aquaman suit used in James Wan's upcoming solo movie when the first footage finally drops. Beyond that, make sure to watch out for the full film when it finally hits theaters later this year on December 21.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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