Check Out Superman’s Black Suit In Deleted Justice League Scene

One of the most persistent rumors in the lead-up to Justice League was that after being resurrected, Superman would temporarily put on a black version of his classic suit, just like he did in the comics. However, in the movie's theatrical cut, the only superhero outfit Clark Kent/Kal-El donned was a brighter version of the standard red and blue duds. In the weeks following Justice League's release, we learned that a black suit had indeed been made, and now you can see exactly what it looked like thanks to one of the deleted scenes on Justice League's home media release.

Justice League is only days away from being digitally released, with the Blu-ray and DVDs arriving next month, but thanks to the YouTube channel Legião dos Heróis, we have an early look at Superman considering the black suit while re-visiting the Kryptonian ship, a.k.a. the DCEU's version of the Fortress of Solitude. To provide some context, after Batman and the other Justice Leaguers brought Superman back to life, the Man of Steel freaked out and nearly killed them all, and it was only thanks to Lois Lane that he was able to calm down. After some reflection at his boyhood home in Smallville, Clark found himself a new Superman suit and flew to Russia to help his fellow heroes defeat Steppenwolf and his Parademon army. This deleted scene sheds light on how exactly he obtained that Superman suit, showing that he also could have selected traditional Kryptonian armor or the black suit. The Hans Zimmer score adds a nice touch of emotionality as Clark settles on the suit that will best inspire hope in others.

Here's a screen shot of the black Superman suit on the side for those of you wanting to gaze at it intently.

Justice League Superman black suit

Back in December, Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner mentioned that while the movie did originally feature the black suit, he couldn't remember if it was in a full scene or just a test sequence. Now we know that in an earlier cut of Justice League, it was going to be shown, although it doesn't look like Clark had any intention of actually putting it on, in contrast with his comic book counterpart. The idea of even seeing a black Superman suit in Justice League was first teased by Henry Cavill on Instagram back in August 2016, and now we finally have confirmation once and for all of its existence. The above moment is also just one of several bonus scenes that will be available as a Justice League special feature.

Justice League will be available for digital purchase starting next Tuesday, February 13, and the Blu-ray and DVD copies will hit shelves on March 13. To find out what the DCEU has in development, look through our DC movies guide.

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