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With Joss Whedon now putting the finishing touches on Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League film, all eyes are on the DC slate to bring an army of great new heroes into the fray. However, there's one older hero who will make a return as well. Many fans fully expect to see a resurrection of Clark Kent when the DC team-up movie finally debuts, and a new piece of fan-made art showcases what his iconic black suit could potentially look like. Check out the picture below to see the awesome version of the suit for yourself.

Looking to the source material, it would make plenty of sense for Superman to return with his black suit. The outfit rose to prominence after the Death of Superman arc in the 1990s, which received a loose adaptation in last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when Clark Kent died while fighting Doomsday alongside Batman and Superman. The reason for the suit's darker color is the fact that it absorbs more sunlight -- which offers more solar radiation to power up a significantly underpowered Man of Steel. Beyond that, with the long hair and the full beard, it looks pretty badass.

The prospect of a black suit-clad Superman showing up on Justice League offers an intriguing possibility from a storytelling perspective. Due to the fact that he will likely be less powerful immediately after his resurrection, Superman might not be able to stand as the team's big gun in the fight against Steppenwolf. As Superman is often regarded as the most powerful DC-based hero in existence, this will require the other heroes to work even harder -- which in turn will raise the stakes. Every DC movie has presented audiences with possibly apocalyptic stakes, but Apokolips is legitimately coming to Earth this time. Now (given what we know about Henry Cavill's recent mustache debacle) we will have to wait and see whether or not this black suit version of the character will have the long hair and beard.

Batman v superman Death of Superman

Despite the sheer iconography of the black Superman suit, there are definitely a few differences between the source material and this picture. Most notably, this mock-up of what the character could potentially look like in the next DC movie has a cape on the suit, which is not present in the traditional version of the black suit. Moreover, this take on the black suit appears to eschew the silver highlights a bit more than the familiar take on the outfit. It's a solid approximation of what it could potentially look like, but we will have to wait and see when the film finally debuts.

Henry Cavill's Superman will make his return to the lineup of DCEU heroes when Justice League finally premieres in theaters later this year on November 17. Looking ahead to the rest of this year, take a look at CinemaBlend's comprehensive movie premiere guide and fill our your moviegoing calendars accordingly!

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