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Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn't entirely left theaters yet, but if you love the movie so much that you just need to own it, you're going to have that chance soon, as the Blu-Ray and Digital releases have just been dated. The most recent rumors of the forthcoming release have proven to be accurate, as the physical Blu-Ray and DVDs for The Last Jedi are set to arrive in just over a month, on March 27. The film will be released on Digital platforms a few days earlier on March 13.

Along with the confirmation that the home release was coming, we have a full list of the additional features that will be included. While we knew that the movie would include a number of deleted scenes, it has been revealed that the film will actually include a total of 14 sequences that were dropped from the movie. That's an impressive number of additional scenes, especially considering that Star Wars: The Last Jedi didn't exactly end up as the shortest Star Wars movie to begin with. Those deleted scenes will include commentary from director Rian Johnson, and Johnson will also provide a feature-length commentary as well, something that will probably be full of interesting information about the various decisions the director made.

For people who take issue with Rian Johnson's handling of The Force in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there will be an entire featurette, entitled Balance of the Jedi, which will deal with the topic. There will also be what looks to be a primary "making of" extra, entitled The Director and the Jedi. Additional extras will examine the creation of The Last Jedi's opening space battle, the motion capture work done to create Snoke, and detail the final battle on Crait.

One final extra that sounds particularly intriguing is called Andy Serkis Live (One Night Only) which will apparently contain two sequences of Andy Serkis' performing as Snoke, before any of the digital work was done to create the character. Anybody who is interested what Serkis' performance was like on the set will want to check that out.

star wars 4K

Finally, for the audio/video geeks out there (of which I am one) who have top of the line home theater systems (which I do not) Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released in 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray, a first for Disney, and will also contain Dolby Vision HDR video and a Dolby Atmos audio track. Fans who want to recreate the theater experience as perfectly as possible will have the tools to make that possible.

If you're looking to complete your Star Wars film collection digitally you only need to wait until March 13 for the film to be available on the Movies Anywhere service. If you're a physical media collector, be ready March 27. Either way, fans of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be able to own the second film in the new trilogy very soon.

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