Ryan Reynolds Visited A Bunch Of Sick Kids Dressed As Deadpool

In the original Deadpool, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) goes out of his way to help kids in need. Now it looks like Reynolds himself is doing the same. The Canadian actor recently took the time to hang out with a group of kids battling cancer, and the photos from the event are absolutely heartwarming. You can check them out for yourself, below.

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Wade Wilson might be kind of a jerk, and his conduct is almost certainly not suitable for children, but Ryan Reynolds obviously has a soft side to him. In fact, the actor even donned his classic red and black Deadpool outfit and spent some much-needed quality time with a group of kids who are currently battle cancer. Not only that, but he even made sure that the kids also got to walk away with bamboo versions of his Deadpool swords (although we are still not sure if these fake swords were copies of Bea or Arthur).

Ryan Reynolds' post reminds us is that Deadpool is a very unique hero precisely because of his cancer. For all of its laughs and impressive action sequences, the first Deadpool spent a significant amount of its second act showing pre-mutation Wade trying to cope with his cancer diagnosis, as well as his fears of death and what could happen to Vanessa (Morena Baccarin).

You can take a look at that heartbreaking cancer diagnosis scene from Deadpool, below.

Tthis raises the question of how much Deadpool 2 will focus on Wade's cancer -- which technically cannot kill him anymore, but is still part of his everyday life. Deadpool has actually become a somewhat widely-recognized symbol among certain cancer patients and survivors, so it will be interesting to see if Deadpool 2 continues to emphasize that part of his life and frame him as a symbol of that community. Judging by the smartass actor's passion for getting involved with these kids, it does not necessarily seem to be outside of the realm of possibility.

Audiences will get a chance to watch Wade Wilson embrace his far less wholesome (and far more foul-mouthed) side later this year when Deadpool 2 premieres on May 18. Looking ahead to the rest of this year, you can also head over to CinemaBlend's movie premiere guide to get more information about all of the films (X-Men franchise or otherwise) that are set to debut in theaters in 2018!

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