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This year’s dose of creepy, crazy, madness in outer space science fiction is coming in the form of a movie called Pandorum. It stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster as two astronauts who awaken from hibernation on an empty ship. They can’t remember anything, including who they are and while they slept everything seems to have gone completely mad.

We have the final trailer for Pandorum for you below. More than anything else we’ve seen from the film so far, this footage seems flat out scary. If you’re a fan of the Solaris, Sunshine genre of sci-fi thriller then you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Once you finish watching, within the next 24 hours retweet this page to your friends on twitter with the tag #Pandorum and you'll be automatically entered to win free trip to this year's San Diego Comic Con! For official contest rules, go here.

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