One Major Movie Role Jennifer Lawrence Wishes She Had Gotten

the hunger games

Back when Alice in Wonderland came out in 2010, Jennifer Lawrence was just breaking into the movie scene with a role in Winter's Bone, having previously been featured in The Bill Engvall Show. Despite her newcomer status, Lawrence recently revealed that she was able to audition for Tim Burton's fairytale retelling. She ultimately lost out to Mia Wasikowska for the role in Alice in Wonderland, but Lawrence recently explained the gig is one she still looks back on and wishes she had gotten. According to what the actress told Howard Stern,

The one thing that really killed me, the only time I've only ever been truly devastated by losing an audition -- because most of the time, you're like, 'Move on, it wasn't meant to be, what could you do?' -- was at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. That one devastated me.

When Alice in Wonderland first came out, it was a true visual spectacle. The movie ended up making well over a billion dollars worldwide, and at the time reports indicated the movie had helped the box office to increase 10% that year. It was a movie that was at the cutting edge of 3D at the time, too, and a lot of people went out to see the movie in that format. Although the sequel wasn't as successful, clearly Jennifer Lawrence was excited about being involved. She told Howard Stern that she was devastated to lose out on the gig, but she still went and saw the movie when it came out.

Looking back, she also told Stern's show that Mia Wasikowska was the better fit for the role, noting that she would not have been able to bring the same thing Wasikowska did to the table. She said:

She was perfect and amazing and I couldn't have had a British accent.

If you'd like to see Jennifer Lawrence try her hand at accents, you can do so in her upcoming movie, Red Sparrow, a movie in which the actress tries out a Russian accent. If you'd like to hear her with a British accent in a movie, that may have to wait.

As for Jennifer Lawrence, although she didn't get the gig in the big budget Alice in Wonderland movie, she later took the role as lead character Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, which ended up becoming four movies that did well at the box office. She's also had a role in the X-Men franchise. So, she may not have landed the gig in Alice in Wonderland, but she certainly has a slew of other memorable roles to her name. Catch the actress in Red Sparrow this weekend. Or see what else is headed to theaters with our full schedule.

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