Adorable Kid Who Nails The M'Baku Challenge Gets An Awesome Black Panther Surprise

One of the biggest standouts of Black Panther was actor Winston Duke as Jabari leader M'Baku. The character was a scene stealer and Winston Duke was a revelation in the role. The vegetarian warrior M'Baku owns the scene where he challenges T'Challa for the Wakandan throne so much that it has inspired the M'Baku challenge. The challenge has fans reenacting the challenge scene from the film and posting it to social media. Well, one young fan positively killed the challenge, and as a result, he received some solid swag and a message from some of his cinematic heroes. Check it out below.

What a cool kid. His reactions are great. You can tell how excited 7-year-old Jordan Bascombe Ralph is, especially at the message from Winston Duke and the Black Panther swag package. Dropping to the floor when he sees all those toys is awesome. It's so funny how throughout the video, he is balancing his excitement with how shy he is and how unsure he is about the whole process of being interviewed and filmed. Going home with a mini-Christmas haul and the respect of your heroes is a killer reward for reenacting the lines from your favorite movie. You get a taste of Jordan's talents in this Good Morning America segment, but to see the video that made him an internet sensation, take a look below:

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Man, how many times did this kid see Black Panther or watch that scene? He's only 7 and he already has some serious memorization skills. Not only does he remember the lines, but his delivery is spot-on. He does a good job with the Wakandan accent, and his cadence, enunciation and emphasis are all just like the characters in the film. He basically does the whole scene, complete with the accent, facial expressions and physical performance of multiple characters. His mom's Instagram post mentions that he could be a stunt double for the next movie, and hey, maybe he will be. But either way, he has some serious chops for someone so young.

Black Panther has been in theaters almost a month now, but its influence has not diminished. The film remains king of the box office in its fourth week in release and the feel-good stories this film has inspired continue to roll in. Jordan Bascombe Ralph's performance and love for Black Panther is just another example of why it's so important that kids like him be able to see themselves represented in complex characters on the big screen. Black Panther is in theaters now, and presumably all the way until Infinity War and maybe Black Panther 2, who can say. For all the latest in how being cute can get you free toys, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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