Cameron Diaz Has Not Retired From Acting, Selma Blair Clarifies

cameron diaz retirement

A few short days ago, Cameron Diaz's former co-star Selma Blair told a story about meeting the actress for lunch to talk about revisiting The Sweetest Thing. Following the meeting, she told reporters that Diaz was uninterested and didn't need to make any more films because she had a happy home life. Now, however, Blair is backtracking on her earlier comments and said that Cameron Diaz is not retired, after all. According to Blair's emoji-filled post:

When Selma Blair first commented on the status of Cameron Diaz's career a few days ago, learning the 45-year-old actress might be retired wasn't that huge of a surprise. If you've kept tabs on Diaz over the past few years, you may have noticed she hasn't actually acted in a while. In fact, the last time we saw Cameron Diaz on the big screen was in the 2014 flick Annie. Now, we're well into 2018 and she doesn't seem to have any projects on the horizon, and she's spoken out previously about why she took a step back from acting. However, although she's not currently acting, Blair has clarified she didn't mean to imply the actress was done with acting for good.

The funny lady later joked on Twitter that she had one big question after the incident, noting,

And where is the rest of the interview all about meeeeeeee?!

The news that Cameron Diaz might have actually retired from acting was always based on secondhand evidence from Selma Blair, so we're glad to see the actress come out and clarify that she was just messing around when she first said Diaz was retired. Although at the time, she specifically said that Diaz has a great life and that she didn't "know what it would take to bring her back," which lent credence to her comments. It's entirely possible Diaz is just happy for now and taking a prolonged break but still plans to act in the future at some point, and didn't want word on the street to be that she was retired. Or perhaps Blair just realized how she came off after the interview came out. No matter what exactly happened, Cameron Diaz isn't retired. At least not officially. So if your hope was for a Knight and Day 2 at some point, those hopes have not been totally dashed.

We'll let you know if Cameron Diaz ever says yes to another script. In the meantime, you can catch Selma Blair in the Heathers remake, although that has been put on the backburner for now. (Not retired yet, though.)

Jessica Rawden
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