The Funny Way Mark Hamill Tried To Convince Prince William And Prince Harry He Was Royalty

Luke Skywalker Princess Leia

It's been well documented that Princes William and Harry visited the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Mark Hamill has now revealed the topic of his conversation with the gentlemen, his own royalty. It seems that Hamill decided to appeal to authority and get an official ruling on whether or not he, or maybe his character Luke Skywalker, qualified as royalty. His main argument was based on the fact that his family was royal, and therefore he should be as well. As Hamill explained...

We finally met the princes on set. You know William and Harry. You're all lined up and you're told how to address them formally, but when I got my chance to talk to them, I said 'Your highness, I would like to make a case for myself. My father was Lord Vader, my mother was Queen Amidala, my sister was Princess Leia --- doesn't that make me royalty?

Royalty is generally hereditary, so it makes sense that Mark Hamill would make sure an argument. For what it's worth, Prince William apparently didn't see a problem with declaring him royalty, though Hamill tells The View that the brothers were not in agreement, so it seems that Prince Harry took issue, though Hamill gets cut off before he has a chance to explain what Harry said on the topic.

While at first glance it might appear that Luke Skywalker has an argument for royalty, if one was going to nitpick (and yes, that's about to happen) a lot of the royal connection doesn't necessarily hold up. Darth Vader was referred to as Lord Vader but he was a Lord of the Sith, which wasn't necessarily a royal organization. The title of Lord was really more like a job title, like Judge. Luke Skywalker's mother was a Queen, but the office of Queen on Naboo was actually an elected, not a hereditary, position. When Amidala stepped down, she lost the title and did not have it at the moment of Luke's birth. Finally, Luke's sister was a princess, but only as the adopted daughter of a royal family that Luke was never part of. It's difficult to argue that Luke should get a royal title for that reason. Although, technically, Kylo Ren, as Leia's child, may qualify as part of the royal family Alderaan.

Having said all that, Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker are both great, and if there's anybody deserving of having a noble title bestowed upon them, it's them. Of course, there's no real point in recognizing Luke Skywalker as royalty anymore. Does Prince William have the power to make Mark Hamill a duke or something? Considering what he's done for global culture, it seems like the least he could do.

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