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Last year's IT was a massive hit that seemed to guarantee that the other half of the story was going to be told. Now, it appears that IT: Chapter 2 is about to get underway. IT director Andy Muschietti posted an image to social media which calls the Losers Club back together because it's time for them to get back to work.

Wake up, losers. Derry is calling ???? #itchapter2 #itmovie

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The image posted to director Andy Muschietti's Instagram shows him, along with most of the main cast of the first IT, screwing around and looking like they're all very dead. The post accompanying the image makes it sound like production is now getting started in IT: Chapter 2. The film is set for release in September of 2019, which would make a production start this month a little early, but certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

While IT: Chapter 2 will primarily focus on the characters from the first film as adults, the expectation is that the kids will be back as well, reprising the roles that made the original IT so popular. IT became one of the top-grossing movies of the year and one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time. The sequel was not a foregone conclusion when the original film was released, but with success like that, the follow-up got the green light without much difficulty.

If IT: Chapter 2 is about to get underway, it might actually be just the kids who are going to work for the moment. While dream casting the adult versions of the characters has been a popular pastime ever since the first IT came out, at this point, nobody has been confirmed to be cast and there aren't even any significant rumors regarding who is being considered, beyond the possibility that Jessica Chastain could play the adult Beverly, which has been a topic of conversation since just after the first movie was released.

While Stephen King's original novel jumps back in forth between the two different time periods, seeing the Losers Club as children and then decades later as adults, the first movie told the complete story, more or less, of the first time a group of friends came across Pennywise the Clown. The sequel will then jump forward in time to when Pennywise returns to the town of Derry, Maine and the now adult Losers Club will reunite to fight the monster again.

Considering the box office reception the first time around there are certainly a lot of people who are going to be looking forward to IT: Chapter 2. Horror movies rarely capture the general audience the way the first one did, and if the sequel can capture that same magic, we're certainly going to be in for something special.

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