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Finn in The Last Jedi

It's no secret that the world is pretty Star Wars crazy right about now. Following the prequels' conclusion, there was a long hiatus void of silver screen content. And with Disney now in charge of the property, we should expect new and exciting Star Wars movies every year or so for the foreseeable future. Actor John Boyega is one of the stars of the current trilogy, and recently expanded his influence in the business by producing and starring in Pacific Rim Uprising. Some fans have also been calling for him to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, considering Episode IX will likely be his last appearance as Finn. Now it looks like he's actually had talks with the behemoth studio.

This exciting news comes to us from John Boyega's recent appearance Awesome Con in Washington, D.C.. During his Q&A with the audience, he was reportedly asked about taking on the mantle of Blade in the MCU. While that seems like a great fit for the actor, he actually revealed he'd never take the role from actor Wesley Snipes. But he has had some meetings with the MCU about potentially joining-- just not anytime soon.

John Boyega's comments (via Bounding Into Comics) are enough to make any self respecting cinephile or nerd giddy with excitement. Fans are eager to see the same faces across multiple sci-fi platforms, like how both Josh Brolin and Chris Evans have played multiple comic book characters. Getting a Star Wars lead into the MCU would be a great way for the fans to keep up with Boyega, and watch him kick more ass in the future.

Considering the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it certainly doesn't seem out of the question for John Boyega to take a role in the not too distant future. Avengers 4 will end Phase Three, and will bring the MCU as we know it to a close. Many of the cinematic universe's leading actors are coming to the end of their contracts, and it seems like just about any hero could be killed off in the next two Avengers movies. Some new characters are going to be needed to fill in the ranks, and Boyega would be a major win.

As for which character John Boyega could play, there seems to be a variety of different choices now that the shared universe is embracing both cosmic and magic stories. That being said, fans aren't likely going to let go the idea of John Boyega playing Blade. Since Doctor Strange opened up the MCU to more magical elements, it's about time that vampire hero joined the shared universe. Then again, many fans (including Boyega himself) are hoping that Wesley Snipes returns to the role if/when it's brought back to theaters.

You can catch John Boyega in Pacific Rim Uprising now, and also can get your own copy of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.