What The Kaiju Homeworld May Look Like, According To Pacific Rim Uprising’s Screenwriter

Pacific Rim Uprising Kaiju

Warning: massive SPOILERS ahead for Pacific Rim Uprising! Read ahead at your own risk!

Those of you who have seen Pacific Rim Uprising already know that it ends with the promise of more adventures in this world. Well, actually it ends with the promise of more adventures on a cool new world: the Kaiju's homeworld. Jake Pentecost tells the Newton Geiszler that the Jaegers will soon enter The Anteverse to bring the fight to the behemoth monsters, and that raises some notable questions about what this dimension may look like. On that note, CinemaBlend recently had a chance to ask Uprising screenwriter Emily Carmichael to describe the overall look of The Anteverse, and her version of the locale does not sound like a place you would want to vacation. Per Carmichael:

Well, a cool clue is the fact that the precursors want to detonate Mount Fuji and release tons of particulate into the air and block out the sun, which tells you maybe what their world is like. So dark looming clouds. There's this really thick red atmosphere that we see when we get glimpses of the precursors' world. So, I imagine that a deep, mysterious fog and smoke is part of it.

While Pacific Rim Uprising generally takes place in a series of well-lit locales full of vibrant sunlight and bright colors, it sounds like the next film in the franchise could look considerably darker. The world of the Kaiju is smoky and full of darkness, and their overall plan to blow up Mount Fuji to contaminate our atmosphere hints at a home that's far more conducive for creatures who choose to avoid direct sunlight and take in toxic fumes.

This description is actually something that the Pacific Rim movies have already touched on, albeit in less detail. In fact, in the original film, we get brief potential glimpses of The Anteverse when Newt drifts with the Kaiju brain, a decision that ultimately sends him down a dark path. Check out that sequence, below.

That clip doesn't provide too much detail into what The Anteverse may look like, but it helps offer a sense of how the Pacific Rim universe has built to this reveal since the 2013 original. That said, for diehard fans of the franchise, it seems reasonable to assume that few things will prepare them actually to see The Anteverse up close and personal.

So only time will tell exactly what the Kaiju's homeworld will look like in the next Pacific Rim movie, if that sequel does end up happening at all, that is. For now, audiences looking to see some awesome robot-on-robot-on-monster action can check out Pacific Rim Uprising in theaters now to see the latest installment in the city-destroying franchise. You can also head over to our movie premiere guide to see what other significant releases are waiting through the breach!

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