Recently, Dwayne Johnson confirmed that a direct sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is currently being worked on. It's not all that surprising, considering the film is coming dangerously close to becoming a billion-dollar box office success around the world. However, while Welcome to the Jungle lent itself well to being a sort-of sequel to the original Jumanji, while still allowing the franchise to go in a new direction, it seems like the plan for this movie is to be a more direct sequel, and that is interesting.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a really fun movie and I have no problem with a sequel being made in general. However, the mere idea creates several interesting questions about the franchise that may have equally interesting answers.

How Does The Game Evolve?

One of the things that made Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle work was the way that it stood on its own by completely changing the way the game worked within the movie. However, if the main cast of actors (Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black) are all going to be coming back (which is the indication), how would a sequel justify that while still allowing for these same avatars to exist? The board game actually transformed into a console video game back in the 1980s, so perhaps it will evolve again in the modern day. If it transformed into some sort of online MMO or VR title, it could still be a "video game" while also evolving the concept into something somewhat fresh so it's not simply a case of people going back into the same game.

Will We Get New Players?

While we fully expect the big movie stars of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle to return, the same may not be true for the "players" in control of those avatars. At the end of Welcome to the Jungle, they actually smash the Jumanji game cartridge (we'll get to that) so it seems unlikely they would voluntarily return to the place where they all almost died. It seems more likely that we could get new players in control of the avatars. The kids were mostly just tropes anyway, that was sort of the point. Although, if we are going to get new people playing the game, that opens up another, potentially deeper question.

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