Why Avengers: Infinity War Should Have Plenty Of Deleted Scenes, According To The Russo Brothers

Avengers: Infinity War

With most big movies, we often speculate about alternate endings and deleted scenes. Any chance to experience more of the cinematic worlds we love is always a welcome proposition. Next week's(!) Avengers: Infinity War is expected to be a film unlike any other, with an insane number of characters, most built up through other movies, all coming together for one massive battle. How these characters will all fit satisfactorily in a 2 hour and 40 minute movie remains to be seen, but we now know that there will be plenty more superhero goodness when Infinity War hits home video. The sheer amount of characters they had to play with should allow for plenty of deleted scenes, as Joe Russo explained:

This is a very big movie with a lot of characters in it, and we played around with a lot of improvisation, because we had new chemistry that we were defining between characters. It was the first time ever that all these characters were on screen together, so we played around with quite a bit of footage, and I think there will be some good stuff for the DVD.

It is almost like Infinity War gave the Russo Brothers so many different toys to play with that they couldn't help themselves, having fun and experimenting with all the various permutations. It is also the first time that many of these characters have met, and seeing which actors had the right chemistry with one another allowed for the Russos to pick what worked best for the final film. That process gave them a lot of footage, and while Disney probably won't be releasing a 4-hour cut of this film, all that extra footage can be used as deleted scenes down the line, so hopefully Disney will do just that. As the Russo Brothers told Digital Spy, they didn't shoot much outside of the script on The Winter Soldier or Civil War, resulting in fewer extras, but with Infinity War, the improvisation and experimentation should allow for a treasure trove when this movie hits home video.

Avengers: Infinity War has a lot of characters, and juggling all those characters and seeing how the chemistry works among them is the key to making an ensemble of this magnitude work. We've already heard about how Thor will have a fun dynamic with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the trailers have already clued us in to how hilarious it will be to see Star-Lord and Iron Man bantering with one another. There are a lot of different team-ups we're excited to see, and no doubt that is part of what the Russos were playing around with. Hopefully we'll get to see some more of it on the eventual Blu-ray. Or, perhaps the deleted scenes will just all be of Hawkeye.

Now before we get too ahead of ourselves, we have to see what's in Avengers: Infinity War before we can speculate about what isn't. As the days wind down, excitement is at a fever pitch and we are still learning new things, debating theories and addressing rumors. But we don't have to wait too much longer to see what made the cut.Infinity War hits theaters on April 27. Check out our Marvel Cinematic Universe page for all the latest on Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and for the debate about whether or not deleted scenes are canon, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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