Apparently Two Unexpected Infinity War Characters Are Especially Funny Together

Iron Man and Star Lord

Part of the reason that Avengers: Infinity War is so exciting is because it will bring some our favorite MCU characters that have never met together for the first time. Apparently, there is one particular pairing which is especially hilarious. Dave Bautista had previously talked about how much he was looking forward to having Drax interact with Tony Stark, and while Bautista says those scenes were good, he admits that the moments that Stark shares with Peter Quill are even better. According to Bautista...

I always thought there would be a lot of good interaction between Tony Stark and Drax, and there was. And Star-Lord and Tony Stark as well. When you put those two guys in a room together, it's like a spontaneous combustion. Talk about two talented guys who are so witty and smart and honed-in on their craft. It was a spectacle, and I'm so excited I got to witness it firsthand.

While both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt provide a lot of the comic relief in their respective franchises, that doesn't mean that simply putting them together would create instant comedy gold. This is why most comedy involves the use of a straight man, a role which Dave Bautista tells Yahoo he's happy to play in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Putting the two comedians together could just as easily have the two actors working against each other and trying to up stage the other, resulting in moments that fall flat. But according to Bautista, the pair worked so well together it was like "spontaneous combustion."

Bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy together with the Avengers is probably the most exciting part of Avengers: Infinity War. Bringing the two sides of the MCU together for the first time is the biggest event in the MCU since the original Avengers film. Seeing Iron Man and Captain America side-by-side has now become standard operating procedure, but introducing new characters, many of which are actual aliens, promises to liven things up once again.

Previously, Dave Bautista had talked about his own desire to work with Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark's constant jokes and sarcasm, alongside Drax's inability to understand jokes or sarcasm, was sure to create some great moments. It does sound like we will get some of that in Avengers: Infinity War, but apparently we'll also get some great banter between two characters who can both give the one-liners as well as anybody. Hopefully, there won't be any important plot details explained during these scenes. We might all be laughing too hard to hear them.

We're excited to see lots of new superhero combinations in Avengers: Infinity War, but now we have a new favorite at the top of the list. The rest of us will get to see Star-Lord and Iron Man spontaneously combust when the movie hits theaters next May.

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