The First Equalizer 2 Trailer Has Denzel Washington Fighting On A Train

We've known for a while that fan-favorite vigilante Robert McCall was going to make a comeback in The Equalizer 2, and this week Sony Pictures Entertainment released the first look at the anticipated sequel. This time, the TV-turned-big-screen character is back to saving people, and the first part of the trailer focuses on him hopping onto a train in order to save a little girl who has been kidnapped from her American mother. To jump into the action, take a look at the trailer, below.

The early part of trailer for The Equalizer 2 focuses on the train setup, which gives audiences who may have missed the first movie a taste of Robert McCall taking on thugs and big baddies. One of the best gags from The Equalizer is obviously also back, as McCall is still keeping time on his watch when he takes down foes. Along with that gag, Antoine Fuqua is back as the director of The Equalizer 2, which marks Denzel Washington's first sequel ever. It's hard to believe, but there it is.

While the early setup is on a train, this trailer is nearly three minutes long, and also explains what Robert McCall is up to after he saves the day with the kidnapping. He meets up briefly with Melissa Leo's Susan Plummer, a returning character in the franchise. However, when violent men follow her home, killing her, he decides to take no mercy. Vengeance is swift, and very action-oriented.

Along with the basic gist of what the plot of The Equalizer 2 will be about, we also get our first glimpse at Game of Thrones and Narcos actor Pedro Pascal, who signed on with the film way back in August. Early in the trailer he looks to be a confidante of Robert McCall's, although he may be slippier than he seems. Take a look.

pedro pascal in the equalizer 2

Sequels run the gamut from excellent to fine to subpar, but the one thing The Equalizer has going on is that he is a vigilante who is looking to take down bad guys and do the right thing. That's a open-ended enough premise, and action characters from Bond to The Transporter have taken advantage of having clean, simple plots that focus on action and that keep audiences engaged. If you liked The Equalizer, there's a good change you will enjoy The Equalizer 2. And since The Equalizer made over $192 million worldwide on a $55 million budget back in 2014, there's a good chance The Equalizer 2 is also going to bring home the moolah.

Plus, as an added bonus, this Equalizer 2 trailer also has a Star Trek reference, guys! Catch it in theaters starting on July 20, 2018, the same weekend as Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! And one weekend prior to Mission: Impossible -- Fallout.

Jessica Rawden
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