How Henry Cavill Honored 80 Years Of Superman

2018 is a big year for Superman, because eight decades ago, the character debuted in the pages of Action Comics #1 and launched what we now know as the superhero genre. This week, DC Comics celebrated that milestone by releasing Action Comics #1000, and as a result a lot of fans have been honoring the Kryptonian hero. This includes Henry Cavill, who's been playing Superman on the big screen since 2013's Man of Steel, and you can read the words of praise he wrote for the character below.

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There are a lot of iconic fictional characters, but as Henry Cavill pointed out, Superman is one of the few who's not just inspirational within the fictional DC world, but also in real life as well. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman in 1938 as someone who could fight injustice with his special abilities, and while Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent continues to protect the innocent in comic books, movies, TV shows, video games and more, he's now a worldwide phenomenon who, when written properly, can inspire those who enjoy his stories to be "greater than we thought ourselves able." Reading through Cavill's Instagram post (Eddie Liu illustrated Old Man Superman), it certainly sounds like Superman is more than just a character he plays in movies; he's also helped the actor to grow mentally. And of course, Superman couldn't have remained popular for all these years if numerous writers and artists didn't put their own spin on the hero, so it was appropriate that Cavill thanked them as well.

Seven years after Superman Returns failed to relaunch the character's film series, Henry Cavill debuted in Man of Steel, a full-on reboot that kicked off the DC Extended Universe. Although met with polarizing reactions (people are still debating whether or not Kal-El should have killed General Zod), Man of Steel was a commercial success, making over $668 million worldwide. Cavill reprised Superman in 2016 for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while that movie ended with the Man of Steel sacrificing himself to defeat Doomsday, it was immediately obvious that he wouldn't stay dead for long. More than a year and a half later, Superman was brought back to life in Justice League, and with a shinier version of his classic suit and a new group of super-friends to hang out with, he's ready to start the next chapter of his heroic career.

As things stand right now, while Man of Steel 2 has been discussed, it's remains to be seen if it will actually get the green light. We here at CinemaBlend will keep you updated on any news regarding Superman's cinematic future, but in the meantime, there's plenty of other creative material to enjoy featuring the hero, including TV shows that explore his mythology like Supergirl, Krypton and the upcoming Metropolis. You can also look through out DC movies guide to learn what other DCEU projects are in development.

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