A Completely Different Superman Prequel Series Is Heading To TV, And It Sounds Wild

Few can argue that superheroes have completely taken over the small screen, and comic fans will definitely be paying attention to Warner Bros. and DC's next live-action series. Titled Metropolis, the new drama will be a Superman mythos prequel that sounds nothing at all like Syfy's pre-Man of Steel drama Krypton. Impressively, Metropolis has scored itself a straight-to-series order for DC's upcoming exclusive streaming service.

While Krypton will take viewers back to the titular planet's post-glory days, Metropolis sounds more like it's going the same route as the earthbound Gotham. This new drama will center on Clark Kent's adult dwelling in the years before he ever entered its city limits. Through its first logline, which directly and interestingly refers to Metropolis as the City of Tomorrow, we learn that Metropolis' lead characters will actually be Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, who both investigate the city's seedier underbelly and the "bizarre secrets" that are being kept away from the public. Apparently this will involve "fringe science," which could add a zany sci-fi element to everything else.

Metropolis was granted a 13-episode order for DC's streaming service, so that'll definitely be enough time to see a variety of weird and wacky adventures for Lois and Lex to get invested in. Are they best friends who bite off more than they can chew on a righteous quest? Are they enemies forced to put aside differences for a common cause? Will we get to see sly nods to a small Kansas town where miraculous things are happening? How weird will it all get?

Strengthening the Gotham connection here is Metropolis' creative team, which boasts John Stephens and Danny Cannon, who are both writers and producers on the proto-Batman series. The pair conceived the story together, and they will serve as executive producers here, with Cannon directing the premiere episode from a script that Stephens penned. Warner Bros. Television will produce.

After giving the world a Justice League movie that tried to hide the fact that Superman was involved, it's curious that Warner Bros. is now developing a Superman show that doesn't have Superman in it. At least, that we know of. I know everyone's mileage will vary on something like this, but I always like exploring familiar comic worlds without their heroes present. Can we get a Gotham Central animated series one day?

This is the fourth confirmed series set for DC's still-untitled streaming service. Metropolis joins the young adult-skewing team-up drama Titans, the animated Harley Quinn series, and the long-awaited Young Justice: Outsiders. Check out our rundown to learn more about everything the DC service will have to offer.

We've no clue just yet when DC's streaming service will go public, but Metropolis is set to go into production later this year, with a premiere expected in 2019. For now, celebrate all the DC shows that are on the air right now, from Gotham to Supergirl to Black Lightning, and check out what else is on the way with our 2018 Superhero TV schedule. And then for shows that go beyond the capes and cowls, our midseason premiere schedule should do you justice.

Nick Venable
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