A Quiet Place Box Office: Another Big Weekend For John Krasinski's Horror Movie

It was a far better weekend than expected for throwback sequel Super Troopers 2, but as with the past two weekends, the bulk of the conversation will start and end with John Krasinski's unstoppable horror movie A Quiet Place. The flick grabbed another $22 million en route to its second weekend victory. Not bad for a $17 million budget and especially impressive when you consider it is Paramount's highest grossing movie since Star Trek: Beyond. Reminder: Paramount did release a Transformers movie inside that window.You can check out the full chart below...

A Quiet Place Weekend Box Office

Beyond A Quiet Place, the other obvious winner here is Super Troopers 2. Made on a $12.5 million budget (side note: at what point is a movie's budget too big to care about using decimals?), early forecasts were expecting the film to finish the weekend in the mid-to-high single digits. Instead, according to Box Office Mojo, it's expected to grab $14.7 million, good enough for fourth place and depending on how the comedy holds, possibly even good enough for another sequel almost two decades from now. You know you want to see the Broken Lizard crew get up to some wild shenanigans when they're approaching seventy.

Rampage was definitely hoping to win a second straight weekend, especially with a budget rumored to be in the $120 million range, but another weekend over $20 million isn't bad. Add that to some solid international grosses and the film is approaching $300 million in worldwide box office. That's not a dream scenario, but it's certainly another solid performance from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who is still riding high from Jumanji, which ended its run at over $400 million domestically.

Perhaps the most complicated movie to analyze this weekend is Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty. The film missed with critics and generated a steady torrent of pushback editorials following its first trailer debut, but a $16.2 million opening for a comedy with a budget in the $30 million range is not bad. With Infinity War expected to dominate for the next few weeks, I Feel Pretty may have some legs too. Certainly, this result, from a box office perspective, is better than Snatched, and it'll likely signal some more chances for Schumer to front her own comedies.

Other quick points of note: shoutout to Bharat Ane Nenu for finishing finishing 11th and pulling in almost $3 million on just 305 screens. Shoutout to Black Panther for its 10th consecutive weekend in the Top 10 of the box office where it just keeps breaking records, and shoutout to Blockers which will pass the $50 million domestic threshold, which is very impressive for an R-Rated comedy.

Still, it's John Krasinski's weekend again, and all involved with A Quiet Place should celebrate hard, especially since the talk of the box office next week will almost assuredly be Avengers: Infinity War, which may make more than everything else combined.

Mack Rawden
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