How Marvel’s Kevin Feige Celebrated Avengers: Infinity War’s Huge Opening Weekend

Every franchise would be lucky to have someone as dedicated and gracious as Kevin Feige. As the head honcho of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the man has overseen more than a decade of box office history starting with work on Iron Man and continuing through to last weekend's Avengers: Infinity War. With the latter film breaking box office records, and on the course to potentially break even more, it's time to celebrate -- and Feige did just that, via the following post. Take a look.

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Celebrating the decade of excellence that Marvel Studios has just recently begun to cap off with its 19th feature film, Kevin Feige shared this heartfelt letter via Twitter, which contains a message of thanks to the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Flanking that letter are several artifacts that call back to several pieces of the studio's history, with the Infinity Gauntlet and one of Feige's trademark baseball caps representing Infinity War. Also present are a keychain of Loki's horned helmet, a collector's coin with various symbols belonging to the numerous heroes of the MCU, and even a name tag from Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, personalized to Kevin himself.

It's certainly a fitting tribute following the recent occasion of Avengers: Infinity War becoming the highest grossing opening weekend for a film, domestically and internationally, as well as becoming the high water mark for Thursday previews. To be able to do all of that, after 10 years and 18 movies previously in theaters, should be as much of a validation for the fans as it is for Kevin Feige himself. Plus, with a new phase of Marvel cinematic history on the horizon, it's a proper reminder of why Marvel Studios does what they do, as well as how important it is they don't lose sight of the main goal.

Which brings the conversation back around to Kevin Feige and how every franchise would be lucky to have someone like him at the helm. His tenure at Marvel Studios has seen the studio go from a newbie to a certified money maker, all the while taking the long way around when it comes to building the foundation. The challenges are undoubtedly going to get tougher, and eventually there will come a day where a lull falls on Feige's able hands. It's in handling those challenges, much like the successes that came before them, that will show the true dedication of the man who's helped run the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the ground up. And if the first ten years are any indication, the franchise is in more than good hands for as long as he sees fit to stick around.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently in theaters, for your enjoyment for the first or fifth time as MCU fans. Should that not be your cup of tea, you can check the 2018 release schedule to see what non-superhero fare is being offered in the coming months.

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