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Don Cheadle, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson

The following story contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. For real, stop reading now if you haven't yet seen the movie, because we are about to reveal a few important notes.

How much can we actually trust what is being said in cast interviews for Avengers: Infinity War? And how much of it is calculated misdirect by the media-savvy stars of the MCU? These are questions we have had to ask as we've watched TV clips prior to -- and immediately after -- the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Because some characters will talk about major scenes that they think they shot for Avengers 4... only, we just watched them die in Infinity War. In a new interview, for example, Zoe Saldana said the following:

I know that we will all have to come back at some point this fall and finish up the second, um, the fourth installment of Avengers. So, I don't know. It felt like, 'See you later.' It didn't feel like a formal goodbye.

Except, it should have felt like goodbye, because Zoe Saldana's character, Gamora, is dead (as far as we know), and because she died in a sacrificial manor before the Thanos "balancing" snap, I think she's dead and staying dead. So her comments to E! News are... odd.

Zoe Saldana obviously knows that Thanos (Josh Brolin) sacrifices her character in order to obtain the Soul Stone. It's a brutal moment in Avengers: Infinity War, a scene that shows how much Thanos actually still cares for Gamora... but also, how dedicated he is towards acquiring all of the Infinity Stones and eliminating half of the galaxy's existence.

So, is she lying to E! News? Was it a total misdirect? Or is Saldana the latest to suggest that some heroes who died in Avengers: Infinity War could come back?

Here, watch her tell it, and decide for yourself:

In an earlier interview, Sebastian Stan talked about a massive fight scene that he had with numerous faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas. Now, neither of them are IN Infinity War. So, is that later? Or is he kidding? Also, Dave Bautista was giving an interview when he was talking about scenes that he filmed that he didn't know if they were going to be for Avengers: Infinity War, or Avengers 4. Well, Drax dies at the end of this movie, so it's not for '... unless Drax comes back?

This could all be calculated misdirect. In fact, it most likely is. But there's also a chance that the stars of Avengers: Infinity War know what's to come, and they are letting it slip, piece by piece. We really won't know until the next Avengers movie drops in theaters in May 2019. For all of the information on the movies that will be arriving in theaters AFTER Avengers: Infinity War, bookmark our Upcoming Marvel Movies guide, and check it often.