One Scene Fifty Shades Freed’s Eric Johnson Never Believed Was Going To Happen

Jack is actually hot in fifty shades

Obviously, there are some plot spoilers in this story, so if you haven't caught the flick, yet, check out one of our other lovely articles.

Fifty Shades Freed largely features Jack Hyde as an antagonist. During the events of the movie, he's often working alone, until he tries to force Ana's hand during the movie's ultimate climax. However, there is one scene early on in Fifty Shades Freed that Eric Johnson and Dakota Johnson shot together, and it's a scene that Eric Johnson says on the movie's Blu-ray special features that he never, ever thought was going to happen.

If you've seen Fifty Shades Freed, you'll remember early scenes featuring Christian Grey and the new Mrs. Grey traipsing around beautiful settings in Europe on their honeymoon. One night during their trip, Anastasia is exploring when she feels a man's arms wrap around her from behind. At first, it seems logical those arms would belong to Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey. However, it's Jack Hyde who seemingly has caught up with Ana. Luckily, it's revealed a few seconds later that Ana Steele is having a dream. As for the scene itself, it was Eric Johnson who was living in a dream world. He said in a special feature with the set:

You want to know what's really funny about that? When I first came to Vancouver to shoot both movies, and then it was revealed on the schedule that I was going to Paris to do one shot, I looked at that and thought, 'That is never happening. That's never happening, I'm never going to Paris. I'm standing in front of a green screen in North Vancouver in the rain. I'm never going to Paris in July... it's not happening!' And it came time, and I'm going to Paris! And I was shocked and amazed that I actually got to be there.

The Fifty Shades franchise movies are, for the most part, set in the Pacific Northwest. To mimic the setting, Fifty Shades Freed filmed mostly in Canada, and that's where nearly all of Eric Johnson's scenes were listed. However, there was one scene set in Europe, and he says he never believed the film would actually work it into the budget to fly him halfway across the world in order to get like 10 seconds of footage together. (If you've seen the movie, you know exactly how quickly his time onscreen flies by.) To his immense surprise, Fifty Shades Freed wanted to get all of the details right, and that meant a Eurotrip for Johnson.

Honestly, the Blu-ray disc looks really closely at many of the gorgeous locations the honeymoon montage was shot in, and if you happened to be one of the people within the cast and crew who didn't get to go on the cool European work trip, it was probably a bit of a bummer. That said, considering Eric Johnson is only seen in Europe for a few brief moments, he's one lucky duck, not only for getting to go but also because he presumably had more free time while in Europe than leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson likely had. Not a bad way to spend a few days, at all.

For more on Fifty Shades Freed and the movie's big Blu-ray release, take a look at our coverage. In addition, if you are a fan of the film franchise, you can order your own copy of the Universal Pictures Home Entertainment release, which is officially out on May 8!

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