The Cool Throwback Wedding Photo E.L. James Shared From The Set Of Fifty Shades Freed

We're a couple of months out from the release of the third and final Fifty Shades movie hitting theaters. Fifty Shades Freed wrapped up the story of one Anastasia Steele and one Christian Grey in a way that should have been satisfying to fans. Now, ahead of the movie's Blu-ray, DVD and Digital release, E.L. James has shared a behind-the-scenes photo that gives us another glimpse at the reception of Ana and Christian. Check it out.

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Early on in Fifty Shades Freed, the fans get to see moments from Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey's wedding, including the ceremony itself and various moments from their reception, as well. It all goes by pretty fast, and I'm sure many fans would have loved if they movie had given us a more in-depth look at the ceremony and more. However, the movie in general is fast-paced and there was plenty of stalking and dangerous antics that needed to be looked into, and since E.L. James' trilogy doesn't cover the wedding at all, it was really fan service to even get the scene above.

Luckily, if you were quite fond of the wedding stuff that we got, there will be more on the way. The Blu-ray and Digital releases alike will have a whole set of features known as "The Final Climax," because of course. One of those featurettes will focus on "The Wedding," which will take a look at the gown, the flowers and the venue. Universal evens says the movie had custom floral arrangements, so if you are basically hoping to mimic Fifty Shades Freed during your own wedding, you should soon have the tools. A whole separate featurette will give you a much closer look at the honeymoon, as well. So, if you cared more about the honeymoon yacht, you should be able to take a good look. Word is still out on whether we'll ever get to see the full-frontal nudity that was shot, but I'm going to go ahead and venture to guess it'll be a 'no.'

Although the Fifty Shades movies clearly have a fanbase, E.L. James stopped Ana and Christian's adventures after Fifty Shades Freed. She did write a book based on Christian's perspective, but it covers the same events as her earlier trilogy. With that in mind, the adventures of Christian and Ana may be at an end, and series lead Jamie Dornan seems fine with that transpiring. He previously said he and Dakota Johnson were aging out of the roles, anyway, noting,

I don't think there's any chance. I mean, there's no other books. Erika wrote the first two books from Christian's perspective, but I guess we've already seen, done those films -- the same stories -- so they won't do that again. Unless Erika keeps writing; but, Dakota and I, particularly me, are getting too old for this.

So, there may not be more from these characters coming, but you'll always be able to relive your favorite relationship moments when Fifty Shades Freed officially hits Digital on April 24. In addition, the Blu-ray and DVD release will follow on May 8. If you loved the movie or still want to check it out, you can pre-order your copy, here.

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