The Sex Advice Fifty Shades Freed Actress Dakota Johnson Gave Jamie Dornan

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It has been a few weeks since Fifty Shades Freed first hit theaters, and by now the third and final installment in the franchise is about to wrap up its run. However, there are still more than a few juicy tidbits from the set to go around, and while he was promoting Fifty Shades Freed on Conan, lead actor Jamie Dornan revealed that other star Dakota Johnson taught him a thing or two about seduction on the set. He said about shooting sex scenes with Johnson:

I feel like there's times where maybe Dakota would be quicker to give me a note than the director! In terms of like, sometime in the first movie, I guess there's a sexy way to take off a girl's underwear that isn't just like [grabs]!... But there is a more delicate and sensual way to do that which is thumbs into the side and then you sort of shimmy it down.

Conan O'Brien was asking Jamie Dornan how much the directors during the three movies intervened and gave opinion while filming the sex scenes, and Dornan admitted he learned more from Dakota Johnson than the other directors. This may explain how the chemistry in the sex scenes ended up working out so well. Although Jamie Dornan is married to Amelia Warner and Dakota Johnson has dated multiple people since starring in Fifty Shades of Grey, they seem pretty friendly on the set together, to the point where Johnson apparently felt comfortable telling him he was terrible at ripping panties off. And to the point where Dornan later felt comfortable talking about this story on the late night program Conan.

Previously Dakota Johnson has also talked about the ways she and Jamie Dornan would prep for the sex scenes, which involved drinking for her and push-ups for Dornan. Dornan has also talked about "the wee-bag" he had to wear during sex scenes and more. Despite their openness to talk about what went down behind-the-scenes and despite a pretty healthy box office intake, it looks like Fifty Shades Freed might be the end of an era. Dornan has also previously spoken out about how the lack of books written by E.L. James should signal the end of the series, also noting of his age:

I don't think there's any chance. I mean, there's no other books. Erika wrote the first two books from Christian's perspective, but I guess we've already seen, done those films -- the same stories -- so they won't do that again. Unless Erika keeps writing; but, Dakota and I, particularly me, are getting too old for this.

So, I supposed there theoretically could be more flicks that come out with the Fifty Shades franchise title sometime down the line; suffice to say, there's a good chance Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan probably won't be involved. You can next catch Dakota Johnson in The Peanut Butter Falcon and Suspiria and Jamie Dornan will play Will Scarlet in Robin Hood's upcoming remake, as well as will appear in My Dinner with Herve.

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