New Solo: A Star Wars Story Clip Shows Han Meeting Woody Harrelson’s Character For The First Time

The new Star Wars movie may be called Solo, but it actually follows an entire team of characters, and a brand new clip shows the title character meeting some of them for the first time. Woody Harrelson was a recent guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he brought with him a scene in which Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo comes across the characters played by Harrelson and Thandie Newton early in the film. The pair are casing a job when Solo figures out what they're up to, and tries to insert himself. Check it out.

The clip opens with Thandie Newton as Val and Woody Harrelson as Beckett who are checking something out just off-screen when they get approached by Han Solo. It looks like he has seen them previously, and they may have even spoken to each other, as the way Beckett addresses him, it sounds like Solo may have stuck his nose in their business earlier in this scene, but here, Han shows how much he knows, by pointing out the pair are not actually part of the Imperial army. He wants to join them, but their first instinct is to kill him, the only argument is over how.

Obviously, nobody breaks his neck here, so it would seem that he's able to provide something of value to them in helping them with their theft, which allows him to join there team. From there, one would guess he handles himself well enough that he is offered a spot on the big job that will be the core of the story.

From there, who knows? We know where Han Solo ends up eventually, there's an entire trilogy of movies that tell us that, but how he gets to that point is still largely a mystery. It's also possible that we won't even really get the entire story here, as Alden Ehrenreich recently confirmed this could be the first of more Han Solo movies to come, and based on the early ticket pre-sale numbers, there's a good chance that Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to be a huge box office hit, regardless of whether or not it's actually a good movie. Nobody has seen it yet so we're still waiting for the answer to that question.

Solo is the second Star Wars Story spinoff film following 2017's Rogue One. At this point, no other spinoff films have been officially announced. While many Star Wars projects are in the works,m including an entirely new trilogy from Rian Johnson, we don't know what Star Wars has in store for us next following Star Wars: Episode IX next year. With a year and a half to go until that final chapter, we'll just have Han Solo to keep us entertained until then.

Dirk Libbey
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