Watch Jason Momoa Crush Throwing Axes On Jimmy Kimmel Live

There are two instances when I'd be comfortable in the presence of actor Jason Momoa as he's fiercely whipping axes through the air. One is if I'm being chased by wild animals or savages, and his projectiles are being aimed at those threats. The other is within a safe and insurance-covered talk show setting. Thankfully, the latter was the case this week, as the actor visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote the historical drama Frontier currently streaming on Netflix. Check out the clip below and try not to instinctively duck the whole time.

In Frontier, Jason Momoa plays a part-Irish, part-Native American outlaw in the 1700s who aims to completely change up the monopolized fur trade in the area by any means necessary. And those methods will naturally include the sharp blades of axes and knives, so a couple of rounds of axe-tossing were deemed the perfect ways to handle Momoa's mid-interview segment. Can't say they were wrong.

I'm pretty sure if Jason Momoa wasn't an actor, he could be a huge success as someone hired for entertainment at parties, but rather than messing around in the DJ booth or in the kitchen, he just walks around drinking beer, offering weapon-wielding lessons and oozing badassery. And now that I've hypothesized that reality, I'm sad that I can't live in it.

We should all aim to look as content with the universe as Momoa does with a beer in one hand and an axe in the other, and he gets pure joy out of flinging the weapons at the target. Sure, those first attempts from everyone weren't so grand, but once the actor got his groove back, it was bullseye city. I cannot say that Guillermo looked quite as pleased, either while throwing the axe or while fetching the beer.

And speaking of the beer, I think my favorite part of the whole clip is the fact that Jimmy Kimmel initially gets responsible by asking if Jason Momoa's beer ingestion is a cause for trepidation, and then goes 180 on it when Momoa smilingly shrugs those worries away. If the future Aquaman has an upcoming role as a heroin-addicted musician, we probably shouldn't expect a similarly structured stunt on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the future. For now, though...pints!

Frontier already aired on Discovery Canada, which co-produced with Netflix, and is now currently available in full on the streaming giant, with Season 2 already ordered up. You can catch Jimmy Kimmel Live! every weeknight on ABC. Head to our Netflix 2017 schedule and our midseason premiere schedule to see everything else heading to the small screen this year.

Nick Venable
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