The Predator Trailer Gives Fans First Look At The Upgraded Alien Assassin

The Predator franchise has been sleeping for a while, but Shane Black's new entry in the franchise is on the way and this morning we got the first look at the first trailer for the new project. It does a solid job setting up the story and introducing all the new characters, especially the alien creature that is probably going to kill most of them by the end of the film. Check out the trailer below.

The trailer starts out sort of slow, with a great deal of it focusing on a kid opening a package which appears to contain some Predator tech. We get shots of him playing with the thing that is clearly not a toy along with images of an alien spacecraft crashing. From there, however, we move into some action. The music gets much tenser, and we're introduced to the various characters, soldiers andscientists it would seem, who will make up the cast.

Based on the description of the plot that has been released, the kid playing with the alien tech is actually the thing that brings the creature "back" to Earth. As has been reported, The Predator isn't a reboot of the franchise, but instead a direct sequel to previous films in the series. One has to wonder if the thing the kid is playing with is actually a piece of the Predator killed by Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 1980s.

We also learn that this Predator has been upgraded from the earlier ones we've seen as the species has begun to take aspects of other aliens that it finds useful and has incorporated that into itself. This will give the alien hunter new weapons and abilities, which means new fun and gruesome ways to kill things, but then, that's why we go to see Predator movies. It also will likely be part of the explanation as to why this Predator, while it looks a lot like the classic version we're familiar with, isn't perfectly identical. It looks different because it is different.

For fans of the Predator franchise, Shane Black's The Predator is probably pushing a lot of the right buttons. It's clearly keeping a lot behind the curtain for now, but what we see of the Predator itself certainly shows that it will be a deadly threat. Shane Black is almost always a creative writer and director making his movies worth seeing. I'm certainly curious to see what he's brought to The Predator.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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