The Predator Cast Looks Like Badass Killers In First Official Image

It takes a special kind of person to battle a Predator, so how do you improve your chances of vanquishing the extraterrestrial killer? Put together your own team of badass killers. At least, that's what the cast of The Predator looks like in their first official photo together. See for yourself!

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Director Shane Black (who appeared in the original Predator movie) went on Twitter early today to post the first official image from The Predator set to celebrate production kicking off. From left to right, we have This Is Us' Sterling K. Brown, Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes, Logan's Boyd Holbrook, X-Men: Apocalypse's Olivia Munn, Keanu's Keegan-Michael Key, and at the bottom, we have Shane Black kneeling next to Room's Jacob Tremblay. Oh don't underestimate that last actor, folks. I suspect Tremblay could unleash his inner fury towards the Predator if properly provoked. As Black noted, this is just some of the cast assembled, and we'll be seeing more actors announced/featured in the near future. For instance, it was reported last month that Thomas Jane will appear. Just don't expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to show up.

So who exactly is this group of individuals who will be fighting a new Predator for the franchise's fourth installment? (Sixth if you count those Alien crossovers.) Although last summer Shane Black said that the main hero, who is now being played by Boyd Holbrook, would be named Quinn Mackenna, none of the characters have been officially identified yet. Fortunately, we do some details about most of them. Holbrook is playing a Special Forces Commando, Olivia Munn is playing a scientist, Trevante Rhodes is playing an ex-Marine and best friend of Holbrook's character, Keegan-Michael Key is playing a man who will team up with Holbrook and Rhodes' characters, Sterling K. Brown is playing a government agent who imprisons the main protagonist before having to rely on him for help against the Predator, and Jacob Tremblay is playing the main protagonist's son, who is autistic and is the key to communicating with the Predator. Quite the lineup we have here.

It's also worth mentioning that a few days before posting the cast photo, Shane Black confirmed that The Predator will be rated R, listing the reason for this in the tweet below.

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No specific plot information concerning The Predator has been revealed yet, although Shane Black debunked the report about the blockbuster taking place in a suburban setting. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more information about the The Predator as it comes in, and with shooting now officially underway, surely something interesting will arrive soon.

The Predator will wreak havoc in theaters on February 9, 2018. Let us know what you think of the movie's cast so far in the comments below.

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