Gal Gadot May Have Found Her Follow-Up To Wonder Woman 2

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Gal Gadot is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood following her solo Wonder Woman movie, and now, there's a possibility she could be starring alongside one of the biggest actors in Hollywood in one of Dwayne Johnson's upcoming films. While Gadot is currently getting ready to go into production on the Wonder Woman sequel, once she's done with that, she may very well go to work alongside The Rock on his upcoming action comedy Red Notice.

Red Notice will star Dwayne Johnson as an Interpol agent who is chasing after the most wanted art thief in the world. According to That Hashtag Show, the film is looking for a woman to co-star alongside Johnson and Gal Gadot is at the top of the list. While the report is that Gadot is who the movie wants, it doesn't seem that there have been any actual discussions with her. It's not even clear if she knows of the interest.

Wonder Woman 2 is currently in pre-production with filming expected to start later this year ahead of a November 2019 release. However, after that, while the Wonder Woman character is rumored or expected to appear in several other DC projects, Gal Gadot doesn't appear to have anything set in stone as far as what her next film will be, so she'd likely be available for Red Notice .

Pairing Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot seems like a no-brainer. They're both huge stars with international appeal who are more than capable of handling whatever action the movie sends their way. We know that Johnson is great in comedies as well and while we haven't seen Gadot in comedies much, there's no reason to believe she wouldn't be great.

Technically, this wouldn't be the first time that Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot have shared the screen together, as Gadot was in the fifth and sixth Fast and Furious movies with The Rock, though the actress wasn't nearly the star then that she is now. One has to assume that Red Notice is far from the only movie that has Gal Gadot as a top choice, so odds are she'll have her pick of projects whenever she's ready to decide what's next for her.

It's not clear what role Gal Gadot would be playing if she signed on to Red Notice. There's no mention in the plot description of Johnson's character having a partner of any kind. It's certainly possible that she could be the art thief that he's chasing after, assuming the role is large enough to be considered a co-lead, as that is what this part is being called.

Red Notice will be directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber who previously directed Dwayne Johnson in the action-comedy Central Intelligence as well as the upcoming Skyscraper, which will be Johnson's next film. Red Notice is scheduled for a June 2020 release and so it's likely planning to start filming about a year from now.

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