Dwayne Johnson Definitely Makes That Jump In New Skyscraper Poster

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the most famous action stars in the world, but what some of his characters are capable of is amazing even by fictional standards. Take Johnson's upcoming movie, Skyscraper. Earlier this year, Skyscraper's first poster and the teaser trailer showed Johnson's character, Will Sawyer, jumping from the edge of a crane to a broken window near the top of the movie's eponymous structure. Lest you think Skyscraper would instantly end there with Sawyer either splattered on the side of the building or falling to his death, the newest poster has assured us that he makes to the other side intact.

Skyscraper poster

There you have it, folks! Dwayne Johnson does indeed successfully make that impressive jump in Skyscraper, the laws of physics be damned. If this were real life, any person attempting such a feat would die, and even within the fictional Skyscraper-verse, any regular person would also perish. But Johnson, no matter who he's playing on the big or small screens, is more than just a regular man. Granted, it's not like he made it to the other side on both feet, but all you need is one hand to pull yourself up. Yes, this whole scenario is outrageous, but then again, The Rock has built a film career on such ridiculousness, from moving a torpedo sliding across ice during The Fate of the Furious to fighting giant, genetically-enhanced animals in Chicago during Rampage. This Skyscraper jump is actually relatively tame when you think about it.

Set in Hong Kong, Skyscraper follows former FBI agent Will Sawyer serving as the head of security of The Pearl, the tallest and "safest" skyscraper in the world. It's so tall that some of its floors effectively function as their own society, but with such as impressive feat of construction comes a number of security risks. Much like how the Titanic was declared unsinkable, Sawyer's bosses say that The Pearl is impenetrable, which of course means that it's soon targeted by terrorists. It will be up to Sawyer to stop the bad guys, but making matters more complicated is that he's been framed for the attack. Along with Dwayne Johnson, Skyscraper's main cast includes Neve Campbell, Roland Møller, Chin Han, Pablo Schreiber, Byron Mann, Hannah Quinlivan, Noah Taylor, Jason Day and Byron Lawson.

Skyscraper opens in theaters on July 13. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates about the blockbuster, and don't forget to look through our 2018 release schedule to learn about what else is coming to the silver screen later this year.

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