John Wick 3 Has Officially Cast Halle Berry And More

The last we saw our favorite retired hitman and puppy avenger John Wick in John Wick: Chapter 2, he was in a world of trouble, having been declared officially excommunicado from the Continental and dealing with a global contract out on his head. When it releases next year, John Wick: Chapter 3 will pick up after the events of the last film and find Keanu Reeves' character facing countless threats with no sanctuary to turn to. Joining the action franchise this time around is Halle Berry. The Oscar-winning actress took to social media to confirm her role in the film, check it out:

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We had heard that John Wick: Chapter 3 was eyeing Halle Berry for the female lead, but it is nice to finally get that official confirmation from the actress herself. We don't know much at this point other than that her character will be named Sofia and that she reportedly won't be the film's villain, suggesting she could be an ally for John Wick and potentially even a new love interest. Halle Berry is, of course no stranger to the action genre, having starred as a Bond girl in Die Another Day and just last year in the more comic-booky spy film Kingsman: The Golden Circle. But Halle Berry isn't the only talented actor being added to the cast for this next chapter either, as Angelica Huston and Asia Kate Dillon are also joining John Wick 3.

Oscar-winner Angelica Huston will be playing someone called The Director, according to The Hollywood Reporter, while Asia Kate Dillon will be the Adjudicator of the High Table. John Wick ran afoul of the High Table in John Wick: Chapter 2 when he killed High Table member Santino inside the Continental. It sounds like Asia Kate Dilllon's character may be some sort of judge for the High Table that perhaps John Wick can try to appeal to in order to get the contract off his head. The Director also sounds very important and is perhaps the head of this whole enterprise, so it will be interesting to see what Angelica Huston does with that role. But John Wick needs people to fight, and that's where the rest of the cast additions come in.

Mark Dacascos joins the film as an assassin named Zero, presumably looking to collect the cool $14 million on John Wick's head. If anyone has seen Mark Dacascos' work in movies like Brotherhood of the Wolf, you know that he'll definitely be bringing some cinematic fighting skills to this role. Jason Mantzoukas of the recently cancelled and revived Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be playing a character called the Tick Tock Man, which sounds very interesting. I could see him as a dangerous assassin or an eccentric player in this world that John Wick turns to for assistance.

Also joining this movie are Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman, both of whom are from The Raid franchise. If there is a better pairing than actors from The Raid films and John Wick, I don't know it. I don't doubt these two will be able to put their talents on full display and not be wasted here as they were in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They will both be playing professional killers that Keanu Reeves' character has to contend with, and if they are as fierce as they were in The Raid, John Wick is in for a rough day.

Tiger Hu Chen

Finally, there is martial arts star and actor Tiger Hu Chen. In addition to having a great name, Tiger Hu Chen is the protégé of storied fight choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, who worked on The Matrix movies. Tiger Hu Chen also starred opposite Keanu Reeves once before in Keanu Reeves' directorial debut Man of Tai Chi. Tiger Hu Chen's unnamed character will also be squaring off with John Wick in this trilogy capper.

Overall, I don't know that fans of this franchise could have asked for more when assembling a dream cast for John Wick: Chapter 3. It appears that the world of the assassins will continue to grow and we will learn more about how it works and its various big players in this movie. Above all, though, the action that this franchise is defined by will be taken to the nth degree with the addition of some martial arts stars whose previous work has defined the genre in the last decade. Let's also not forget that John Wick 3 will see Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne and Lance Reddick all reprising their respective roles.

John Wick: Chapter 3 hits theaters on May 17, 2019. For everything arriving a little bit sooner, check out our release schedule.

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