The X-Men franchise has once again expanded, with Wade Wilson getting yet another solo movie of his very own. Living up to the reputation of 2016's Deadpool was no easy feat, but Deadpool 2 more than succeeded. In fact, we're here today to declare that Deadpool 2 is actually a superior movie to the original.

On that note, we have assembled a list of reasons why Deadpool 2 is actually superior to the original Deadpool. We have several different points to get to as we dive into the brand new box office hit, so let's kick things off with an emphasis on Deadpool 2's bizarre cast of characters.

It Has More Memorable Characters

By virtue of the fact that it had to tell the origin story of the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool took a relatively grounded approach to its story and the characters who inhabited it. With that groundwork in place, Deadpool 2 takes the baton from its predecessor and injects an entire army of memorable heroes and villains into the equation, such as X-Force members Cable, Domino and Peter. Beyond that, characters who had less to do in the original (such as Dopinder and Colossus) really shine as David Leitch lets their freak flags fly. With less emphasis placed on Wade himself, Deadpool 2 offers up a cast that's far more diverse and interesting.

The Action Is Better

This is merely a byproduct of bringing in one of the directors behind John Wick, but it's endlessly important nonetheless. David Leitch has become a modern master of on-screen combat, and while Tim Miller's work on the original Deadpool is undoubtedly impressive, the sequel surpasses the action chops of the first film on practically ever level. Wade feels like a highly-trained hand-to-hand combatant, and every character has a fighting style that feels unique to his or her own size, shape and personality. Moreover, the camerawork is smooth, the takes are long and Deadpool 2 manages to stand alongside the instant classic work done in films like John Wick and Atomic Blonde. It's another clear win for Leitch.

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