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Zombieland has been talking about a sequel for years but recently that talk has been heating up and it appears the follow-up could be on the way. Recently, original Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese revealed that they hope to shoot the sequel early next year and if that's the case, there clearly is a script that is either done or very close to it. Now, we might know what that script is all about. While we have to take this information with a grain of salt, the story of the Zombieland sequel could be missing one component we thought was a guarantee, zombies, regular ones anyway.

The details of the Zombieland sequel, called Zombieland Too according to the report, comes from an anonymous source at Splash Report and so we can't be sure how accurate it is, but reportedly the story will follow the original characters from the first movie, in a world where zombies have been mostly wiped out. It'd not exactly clear why. It may just be that what's left of humanity has done a good job of killing zombies and keeping themselves from getting infected. However, this dramatic change in status has, predictably, been as big a paradigm shift for the characters as the zombies appearing in the first place. What if your entire life was focused on dealing with zombies, and then they were gone?

That's the world that Zombieland Too will reportedly take place in, but the story itself will actually focus on three of our main characters, Tallahassee, Columbus, and Witchita as they try to rescue Little Rock, who has run away with an unnamed character but is clearly in danger. While on the chase, they discover that zombies are not entirely extinct, as they run into a migrating pack of "super zombies" who are larger and stronger than the standard variety and can only be killed via a headshot.

The plot synopsis also reveals a few other characters who will be part of the sequel. Reno is a woman who Tallahassee falls for, sort of his female opposite, though she apparently doesn't the feel the same way about him. TB (Tampa Bay?) and Cleveland are described as being the spitting image of Tallahassee and Columbus, respectively. Finally, Madison is a woman Columbus starts a relationship with, following an apparent freakout from Witchita due to the lack of zombies.

While there's no way to know how accurate this information is, and there's plenty of time for things to change, even if this is the current plan, it's certainly an interesting idea which goes places that few if any zombie movies ever have before. If things go according to plan, we'll see for ourselves when the sequel to Zombieland arrives in October of 2019.

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