New Skyscraper Trailer Explains How Dwayne Johnson’s Character Lost His Leg

It was just last month that Dwayne Johnson appeared in the video game adaptation Rampage, but Mr. Blockbuster isn't done destroying buildings for the summer, because Skyscraper is still to come. The Die Hard-esque action flick finds Dwayne Johnson's character as a skyscraper security expert who has to rescue his family from the world's tallest building. The first trailer for Skyscraper revealed the interesting twist that Dwayne Johnson's Will Sawyer is an amputee. Now, a new trailer explains how he lost his leg, as well as showcases the film's villains and a lot of action. Check it out below:

We knew that The Rock's character was a veteran who also worked as a part of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, giving legitimacy to him fighting terrorists in this flick. The new Skyscraper trailer reveals that during one of those hostage rescues, he was badly injured and lost his leg when an IED went off. This incident led to him meeting his wife, played by Neve Campbell. I like that Will Sawyer being an amputee isn't just a detail to shade in the character's backstory and make him seem more human; it is actually something that comes up throughout the trailer as he fights to save his family. This is a fun trailer that teases a lot of the kind of tense action you would hope for in a movie where a character fights through a burning skyscraper.

It's interesting that Dwayne Johnson's character mentions that he hasn't touched a gun in 10 years, and if you watch the trailer, he never uses a gun. I wonder if that's some sort of code he is living by, similar to his character in The Rundown. That would certainly make things more difficult while upping the ante from from Die Hard. Sure, John McClane had to run around barefoot while battling terrorists, but he used guns and had two full legs to work with. As we see in the trailer though, Will Sawyer's prosthetic, while sometimes a liability, can also be super useful in clutch situations. We also get a slightly better look at the villains, who appear to be led by a man and a woman, both of whom are as mustache-twirly as Hans Gruber and his team.

This trailer also has something of a meta quality to it. When the first trailer and poster for Skyscraper came out, the internet was dubious that anyone could make the jump from the crane to the burning building that, spoiler alert, Dwayne Johnson's character makes in this movie. So it was fun to see his wife as incredulous as many of us at that ridiculous jump. I'm a little concerned that this trailer gives away too much, but overall this looks like the kind of fun action movie you expect from Dwayne Johnson.

Skyscraper jumps into theaters on July 13. Check out our guide to see all of The Rock's upcoming movies, and for all the latest on the Rundown/Skyscraper shared universe, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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