The Fun Way Godzilla 2 Is Teasing King Ghidorah

When Godzilla was updated and rebooted in 2014m fans of the property, which has been around since 1954, began speculating about which of the titular monster's fierce foes he would be squaring off with in the future. MUTO was the enemy in Godzilla, but when Godzilla: King of the Monsters hits theaters next year, the giant reptile will have significantly more dangerous monsters to contend with. We know that classic monsters Mothra and Rodan are both expected to appear, but the main attraction will be the Godzilla's greatest nemesis, King Ghidorah. Krampus and Godzilla 2 director Michael Dougherty is already hyping the coming of the king; take a look!

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This Twitter post from director Michael Dougherty might just look like a radar view of a sizable hurricane, but the heading 'Monster Zero' implies something more menacing than a spot of bad weather, and it should have fans of this long-running franchise excited for what is being teased. This radar may belong to the crypto-zoological organization Monarch, which monitors these leviathans in this shared universe. Monster Zero is another name for King Ghidorah, so perhaps it's also Monarch's codename for him. We may not see Ghidorah for a while until the trailer premieres, and even then they might hold him back to build him up, but this is a fun way to herald his coming.

As you might guess from a monster that shows up on radar, King Ghidorah is big, as in bigger than Godzilla big, at least in most depictions. There's a reason that he has the title of King. Ghidorah is the biggest and the baddest, a golden, three-headed wyvern that can fly and spit gravity beams. His wings can produce hurricane winds, so it makes sense that he would show up on radar looking like a storm. For Godzilla to truly earn the title King of the Monsters, he'll have to take it from King Ghidorah. If Godzilla emerges victorious from his fight with King Ghidorah, his inevitable showdown with the smaller King Kong in Godzilla Vs. Kong should be light work. You can get a glimpse of Ghidorah in Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah from 1991 below.

King Ghidorah

The monsters are the main attraction, but if this movie is to have dialogue, we need some humans in it. Godzilla: King of the Monsters boasts a fun cast that includes Vera Farmiga, Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown, Sally Hawkins, Bradley Whitford and Kyle Chandler.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters has wrapped production and kicks off its gigantic battle when it arrives in theaters on May 31, 2019. For movies big and small hitting theaters while you wait for next year's kaiju showdown, check out our 2018 release schedule.

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