The Girl In The Spider's Web Trailer Shows A Vicious And Vengeful New Lisbeth

It's been seven years since we last saw a movie with Lisbeth Salander in it, and the first trailer for The Girl in the Spider's Web shows us that she's far from the person she was back then. The new film is based on the first novel not part of the original Millennium Trilogy, that started with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As such, we're being introduced to a version of Lisbeth that has seen a lot more, and become something of an avenging angel. Check it out.

The opening scene of the trailer shows us the person Lisbeth Salander has now become. She sets a snare trap for a man who abuses women but has never been punished for it. She has used her computer skills to steal his money, which she gives to the man's wife, and to find an incriminating video which she will use as leverage to protect her. Lisbeth has almost always been a confident woman, but this is another level for her. Lisbeth Salander has become Batman. However, it appears that Lisbeth will go from hunter to hunted, as the rest of a trailer shows us a woman who blames Lisbeth for not helping her. Readers of the book will know who she is, but the trailer doesn't really reveal that detail.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wasn't a massive hit, leading to delays in filming any sequel. When the decision was finally made to go back to the characters created by Stieg Larsson, instead of filming the next book in the series, or even rebooting the films and starting over, it was announced the films would skip ahead to a novel written by David Lagercrantz, who was chosen to continue the series after Larsson passed away. The result has been that the characters will have changed greatly because they've been through a lot more than we've seen on screen.

The Girl in the Spider's Web is directed by Fede Alvarez, who previously helmed the well regarded Evil Dead remake as well as Don't Breathe. While Spider's Web isn't strictly a horror movie like those projects, it certainly doesn't look afraid to get dark, the scene of somebody apparently being suffocated in latex is a fairly horrifying image.

The Girl in the Spider's Web

With the trailer only giving us a few brief moments beyond the intro scene, there's clearly a lot left that we don't see. Girl in the Spider's Web is set for release on November 9.

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