New The Meg Footage Has Giant Shark Eating A Cage Diver Whole

If shark movies have taught us anything over the years (besides to avoid the ocean at all costs), it is that dive cages afford you some degree of protection from the watery killing machines. Sometimes a cage will hold the monsters off entirely, leaving you free to taunt your would-be consumers. Other times the cage merely delays the inevitable as the sharks slowly break away your defenses, but still allowing you time to formulate a plan. This summer's The Meg will afford no such luxuries to its victims, and dive cages will not save anyone. Check out The Meg's prehistoric beast eating a cage diver whole in the video below:

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Wow, the Megalodon just totally housed that guy! It didn't even bother to chew and just took that dive cage, complete with chewy diver center, straight to the head. That is both frightening and awesome. I guess that diver will just have to set up shop inside the Megalodon like Geppetto in the whale. I would say that stars Jason Statham, Ruby Rose Li Bingbing and Rainn Wilson are going to need a bigger boat, but with a shark this big, would that even make a difference? Jason Statham's onscreen martial arts moves are impressive, but I'm not sure what punching and kicking are going to do here. Exploding this thing from the inside Jaws style might be the only way for the oceans to ever be safe again.

The fun thing about showing the Megalodon devouring a cage diver in their cage is that it reflects how The Meg may play with the tropes we are used to in shark movies. We expect certain things from shark movies and the heroes trying to survive them and The Meg can have some fun with that and show that the rules don't apply when the shark is a 75-foot prehistoric leviathan.

These kind of clips often precede new trailers, so hopefully this new footage from The Meg's Twitter account means that we'll be getting another full trailer soon. John Turteltaub's film looks like it may be playing things a little tongue-in-cheek judging by the first trailer, so I'm curious how it will balance the ridiculousness with the action and how much it will go for legitimate scares. The Meg does somewhat have that classic monster movie vibe of being a little silly and a little scary, and being the kind of movie you walk out of with a smile on your face. If nothing else, this little clip shows that we should be in store for some fun action scenes with the Megalodon eating things that other, punier sharks would be forced to nibble at.

Feeding time begins when The Meg splashes into theaters on August 10. Take a look at all of this year's biggest movies in our release schedule. For all of the latest in movie news and why you should always chew your food, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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