Shazam’s Director Had Fun With All The Recent DC Costume Reveals

It's an exciting time for DC fans at the moment. Justice League is well behind us and there are a lot of things in the pipeline for the DCEU that could potentially shift this brand into the next gear. This past week alone has brought news about the low-budget Joker origin film, the Wonder Woman 1984 title (along with a picture of Gal Gadot in the film) and new images and details from December's Aquaman. Left out of all the excitement, though, was Shazam!, which is now less than a year away. So, Shazam! director David F. Sandberg decided to have some fun with all of the recent costume reveals. Take a look:


This photo comes in response to someone on Twitter wondering what David F. Sandberg had in store for fans after all of the recent DC reveals. David F. Sandberg and his wife, Lotta Losten, rocking Shazam onesies is a brilliant way to have fun with all of the fans eager to see a good look at Shazam, as well as the general fervor around superhero costumes. Lots of people wear superhero onesies as kids, but who knew you could get them as an adult? They look super comfortable and practical too, and while it wasn't quite the reveal fans were probably hoping for, this image is entertaining nonetheless.

This is a fun joke on David F. Sandberg's part, whose movie has seen more than its fair share of hubbub about the costume. With leaked set photos and silly concern about Zachary Levi's muscles, the road to Shazam!'s costume reveal has been an interesting one. A lot went into perfecting the costume, and we have actually already gotten somewhat of a look at Zachary Levi's costume in Shazam!, but I think fans are eager to see a bit more. We are still awaiting an official in-movie still. or better yet, a look at the costume in motion during some sort of teaser.

There is a possibility that such a teaser isn't too far off, either. Shazam! has wrapped production and we know that we are getting a trailer for fellow DCEU stablemate Aquaman at San Diego Comic-Con next month. Although Shazam! is still a little under a year away, I would be surprised if we didn't get an official look at some stills from the movie at a bare minimum during the convention. Ideally, DC blows the doors off of the place with a few sneak peeks and a lot of reveals about its upcoming slate, including a teaser for Shazam!

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019. Keep an eye on our guide for everything about the DCEU and for all the latest in superhero attire that is both stylish and comfortable, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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