Zachary Levi Shares New Buff Shazam Look, Henry Cavill In Full Support

A lot has been made of Zachary Levi's physique now that he has gotten himself in superhero shape for Shazam! While some are being critical of the actor, he's now received the endorsement of another on-screen hero. Levi posted another picture of himself to social media recently mid-workout, showing off that the guy has put in the work to be a hero on the big screen. Nearly every comment has been supportive, including some from other who play superheroes themselves. Check it out.

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There are more comments on this Instagram image that we know what to do with, but buried among all the fans are a couple of other actors complementing Zachary Levi on his look. One is Arrow star Stephen Amell who simply posts an emoji with hears in its eyes, but another of the commentators is Levi's DC movie colleague, Superman himself, Henry Cavill, who thinks Levi looks great. Cavill writes...

Looking fantastic Sir!!

As somebody who almost certainly goes through the same training regiment that Zachary Levi is currently undergoing, which Levi jokes about the complexity of in the post, Henry Cavill certainly understands the work that goes into it and has only words of support for the end result.

The question of Zachary Levi's actual physical condition has been one up for debate following some leaked set photos that many felt implied that Zachary Levi was wearing a padded suit rather than being actually muscled. There's really no question now that the actor has added some serious bulk. The muscles look real, though Levi seems to claim the tan is not, and is the result of an Instagram filter. Apparently, there are some special effects being used here after all.

Of course, what's even better than Henry Cavill's comment is Zachary Levi's response to the actor, when he tells the big screen Superman that the workout and the diet aren't that bad, the hard part is learning how to stare off into the middle distance for these pictures

Honestly, the nowhere stare has been the biggest challenge. But 2-3 hours a day of 'Nowhere Stare' practice has really paid off.

It does certainly seem that staring off into nowhere is a required aspect of all workout shots for some reason. Not only do you have to look like a brick wall, but it's required that you act like it's no big deal.

Zachary Levi's sense of humor will likely serve him well in Shazam! While the film will be another in a long line of superhero action films, it's premise is that a young boy gains the ability to transform into a superhero, a setup that is inherently humorous, and thus we expect Shazam! to be funnier than your average superhero movie, though likely more family-friendly than Deadpool.

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