5 Things We'd Love To See In The Incredibles 3

It was a long wait for Incredibles 2, but the highly-anticipated sequel finally arrived last week, and clearly the passage of time didn't decrease the enthusiasm for this property. In addition to being met with critical acclaim, Incredibles 2 made over $182 million domestically opening weekend, and at the time of this writing, it's made over $345 million worldwide. Just like its predecessor, we can add this to the list of Pixar's wins. That said, after seeing the movie, some of you may have asked if Incredibles 3 is on the way.

All we know at the moment is what director Brad Bird told EW: that he wouldn't ever rule out making Incredibles 3, though it's entirely possible that more than a decade could pass until the next one as well. Post-Toy Story 4, Pixar has five release dates carved out between 2020 and 2022, with one of them reserved for a suburban fantasy. There's no guarantee that Incredibles 3 could end up taking any of those other four dates, though given how well Incredibles 2 has performed at the box office, you can be sure the folks over at Pixar are giving serious consideration to a threequel. Assuming such a project gets the green light, here are some of the things we'd like to see in Incredibles 3.

Warning: SPOILERS for Incredibles 2 are ahead! Proceed at your own discretion.

The Incredibles family

A Time Jump

14 years may have passed in the real world between The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, but in that world, both movies took place back-to-back with one another, as Incredibles 2 showed how the Parr family's fight with The Underminer went down. That lack of distance ended up working nicely in the sequel, but there should be a little separation between that movie and Incredibles 3. That's not to say there should be a massive time jump, where we get something like Violet and Dash as adults who have superpowered kids of their own. Instead, Incredibles 3 should only hop forward a couple years, to when Violet is a high school senior, Dash is about to start his high school journey, toddler Jack-Jack is still energetic (but not quite as dangerous as he was as an infant) and the world is used to superheroes being legal again. Enough time will have passed that things still familiar, but also have extra room to add even more new elements

Young Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

A Supervillain From The Past Returning

So far the two main antagonists that the Incredibles movies have used were both individuals that the Parr family (or any superhero, for that matter) didn't battle in the good ol' days. Sure, Mr. Incredible had already met and dismissed Buddy, but it would be many years before the youth became Syndrome. Incredibles 3 should change things up by bringing in a super villain from back in this world's golden age of superheroes. Maybe there was a baddie that Mr. Incredible or Elastigirl dealt an especially brutal beating to, forcing them to lick their wounds and go underground just like the superheroes eventually did. Now that superheroes are back in the light, this villain decides to resurface and step up their game to finally seek revenge against our esteemed protagonists. Just don't let it be Bomb Voyage. That guy works as a funny gag for a few minutes, but not an entire movie.

Elastigirl with other superheroes in Incredibles 2

The Formation Of A Superhero Team

Aside from Frozone, The Incredibles didn't have any starring superheroes outside of the members of the Parr clan, which makes sense given that it was a movie about family and Syndrome had killed almost all the heroes from the previous generation. Incredibles 2, on the other hand, introduced some of the new generation's crop, most notably Voyd, who was arguably Elastigirl's biggest fan. Unfortunately, due to the actions of The Screenslaver, a.k.a. Evelyn Deavor, these new superheroes never had a legitimate chance to fight alongside each other until the end of the movie. For Incredibles 3, let's see them battling the forces of evil side by side in a superhero team, i.e. this world's equivalent of the Justice League or the Avengers. The overall focus would still be on the Parr family, but at least this time we could see them properly engaged in teamwork with others rather than being turned into mind-controlled tools.

Elastigirl on motorcycle in Incredibles 2

Make It A Globe-Trotting Adventure

Most of the action in The Incredibles took place on Syndrome's island, and Incredibles 2 hopped around between several cities. Incredibles 3 needs to kick things up a notch by taking our heroes all around the world. Remember how Avengers: Age of Ultron bounced between Sokovia, South Africa and South Korea? Incredibles 3 needs to do something on that scale, with the heroes traveling to different areas of the globe to deal with whatever villains or threats have presented themselves. It's fine if one of those locations remains a city like New Urbem, but it would be nice to get a better sense of what the rest of this version of Earth looks like. Maybe Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and the gang could even meet superheroes from other countries.

The Underminer in Incredibles 2

The Underminer's Revenge

The Underminer appeared at the end of The Incredibles to cause trouble, and while the Parr family did their best to prevent him from robbing the Metroville bank in Incredibles 2, he managed to escape, and the superhero family was instead arrested by the police. Look, we don't expect Underminer to return in Incredibles 3 as the big bad who brings the superheroes to their knees, but it would awesome if he resurfaced to wreak even more destruction. Taking a cue from Marvel villain Mole Man, made he could have an army of subterranean minions serving him. Let's also remember that John Ratzenberger is Pixar's good luck charm, having been a voice in all the studio's feature films. Unless Incredibles 3 wants him to voice someone new, then bringing back Underminer is a no-brainer.

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