How Incredibles 2 Calls Back To The Original Incredibles Movie


The following contains minor spoilers for Incredibles 2.

The Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first film left off, but it took 14 years for the film to get there. As such, it's possible you missed a couple references the new film makes to the original. While Incredibles 2 was full of all the easter eggs and references you expect from a great Pixar movie, it also included some direct callbacks to the first film, in terms of some video footage and some suit damage.

The first Incredibles movie opened with some interview footage of our heroes Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. The two are speaking candidly about what it's like to be a superhero in the modern world. It's from the part of the movie where heroes are still legal and are a welcome part of the larger world. Incredibles 2 doesn't open with the same sort of material. However, after Elastigirl has returned to active, and very public, hero work, the news begins to talk about her non-stop. As part of that coverage, we see the same interview footage from The Incredibles appear on the TV screen at the Parr house. Jack-Jack is obviously very interested in it as he recognizes his mother, who he hasn't seen in a while.

The other callback to the original Incredibles comes in the form of super suits. When Mr. Incredible fights the Omnidroid the first time he takes a shot to one arm which tears a hole in his classic blue suit, resulting in him going to see his designer Edna Mode to get a patch job. It turns out that protecting the left shoulder of a super suit must be hard work, as Elastigirl sees her new suit, as seen in the trailers, get torn in the exact same place. Considering Elastigirl's suit came from a different designer, it seems the issue doesn't have anything to do with Edna's design. Superheroes traditionally have some sort of special weakness and while we've never had one specifically mentioned in the Incredibles movies, perhaps this is it.

You can watch Mr. Incredible take the damage in the first movie below.

I'm hoping for a third callback of sorts. The Incredibles was followed by an excellent short called Jack-Jack Attack which dealt with the part of the movie we didn't see when the baby Parr was with his babysitter. In Incredibles 2 we don't actually see what happens while Edna Mode looks after Jack-Jack, making it the perfect source for another hilarious short. Incredibles 2 is in theaters now.

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