We're knee deep into summer now, which means it's once again time for another Marvel movie. Hot on the heels of Avengers: Infinity War comes a movie that just a little smaller in scope. Ant-Man and the Wasp features the return of Scott Lang, who is once again drafted by the Pyms to help on another mission. This time, the trio must save Janet van Dyne from the Quantum Realm, all while dealing with the mysterious Ghost. Critics have been favorable to the movie, citing it as a very fun sequel, if a low stakes addition to the MCU.

The Ant-Man franchise has always been a refresher from some of the heavier elements of the MCU, and though the stakes are lower, Ant-Man has been keeping busy. Not only did he have his own movie, but he also appeared in Captain America: Civil War, so there's a chance people might not be up to date on everything they need to be before catching Ant-Man and the Wasp this weekend. With that in mind, here at eight things you need to remember before seeing the sequel.

He's An Ex-con Trying To Do Right By His Daughter

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) begins his origin story on the wrong side of the law. A skilled electrical engineer, Lang was sent to prison after he is caught stealing from VistaCorp, though he was returning money to consumers that the company had intentionally stolen from first. His time in prison left him estranged from his family, his ex-wife, Maggie, and his young daughter, Cassie. After getting out of prison, Scott tried to go straight to be a better father, but couldn't find a job due to his criminal record. This eventually lead him down a criminal path once again, and robs a seemingly ordinary recluse, taking what appeared to be a fancy motorcycle suit.

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