Netflix’s Extinction Trailer Is Apocalyptic Madness

The alien invasion genre is one of the biggest and most exciting science fiction subcategories in Hollywood, which makes innovation and new ideas enjoyable to come by. Many studios have approached these stories from a wide variety of ways over the years, but it's Netflix's upcoming take on the apocalyptic scenario that seems particularly intriguing. On that note, a trailer for the streaming service's forthcoming thriller, Extinction, has just hit the web, and it promises an exciting (and absolutely bonkers) telling of an extinction-level event. Check it out, below!

We told you that it would be weird, didn't we? As you can see from that trailer, Extinction tells the tale of a man (Ant-Man and The Wasp actor Michael Pena) who goes through his day-to-day life haunted by visions of something terrible happening to the world. His loved ones assume that these visions are merely in his head, until one day the planet is attacked by a mysterious alien force hell-bent on destroying humanity. Armed with the inexplicable ability to perceive the future, the man takes his family on a journey to avoid the alien marauders and find salvation in the process. In addition to Michael Pena, the film also stars Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan, as well as Luke Cage/The Defenders actor Mike Colter.

There is obviously a lot to digest in this trailer, but one of the most intriguing elements of the proposed plot to Extinction is the way in which it blends fantasy with mysterious science fiction. The precognition abilities of Michael Pena's character have yet to receive a full explanation, leaving us wondering how his powers will be explained when the final movie drops on the streaming platform later this month.

One other thing worth noting about Extinction is the scale of the film. Netflix only recently started delving into what could be considered "blockbuster filmmaking" with the release of David Ayer's Bright, and this looks like another step in that direction towards making movies with grand scope and massive creative visions. At this stage, it remains unclear exactly how big Extinction will be, but given the nature of the alien invasion, it seems safe to assume that the movie won't be a straightforward family drama contained to one location.

Extinction will premiere on Netflix later this month on July 27. As always, CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant updates related to the film (not to mention all of Netflix's other projects) as they become available to us. Until then, make sure to take a look at our movie premiere guide and our Netflix premiere guide to keep yourself in-the-loop on all of the biggest and best films that are coming this year!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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