That Time Jason Voorhees Almost Had A Machine Gun In A Friday The 13th Sequel

Jason Voorhees friday the 13th

Few horror movie villains have become more renowned than Jason Voorhees, and his use of a machete has become just as iconic as Freddy Krueger's glove or Michael Myers' kitchen knife. That said, Jason has been through some pretty wild adventures over the years, and it turns out that one of his movies almost had him carry a machine gun that he picked up off of a victim. In a recent interview, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives director Tom McLoughlin explained:

I turned [the initial treatment for Jason Lives] in, and it's pretty much verbatim exactly what the movie is, in terms of the characters, the scenes. The only thing that is different that I wrote and then realized, 'No, this is not a good idea', was when Jason kills the paintballer that has all the weapons and stuff that he takes, you know with the utility belt and the machete and all that stuff. Originally these were not paintballers, they were hunters out there, and this guy was Mr. Macho with all that stuff and he had an Uzi. So when Jason ripped his arm off and gets the machete, the next time we see him, in front of the motorhome, he's got an Uzi strapped to him.

I think it's safe to say that this would've been a decidedly different version of Jason Voorhees, compared to the typically stabby version that has long characterized the _Friday the 13th _franchise. On the other hand, it's also worth noting that Tom McLoughlin's remarks during his interview with Midnight's Edge do not specify that the legendary slasher would actually fire the gun. Regardless of that fact, Jason carrying an Uzi would've been a very odd sight to behold.

Of course, if you want to see the final version of that scene as it plays out in Jason Lives, then you can check out the clip, below!

Looking back at the history of the Friday the 13th series, it's not that surprising to know that Jason was almost taken in this direction. The series has played fast and loose with his characterization over the years, even going so far as to cross him over with Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs. Jason and send him into space for the often-maligned Jason X. Considering all of the weird stuff that has happened to this monstrous killer, an Uzi doesn't seem all that crazy by comparison.

No matter what the future holds for Jason Voorhees, CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to the future of the iconic slasher on the big screen as more details related to him are made available to us. Until then, head over to our movie premiere guide to get more information on all of the films (horror genre or otherwise) that are set to debut in the big screen this year.

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