Sterling K. Brown For Frozen 2? Here’s What The Black Panther Actor Says

Sterling K. Brown Black Panther

It was recently reported that Sterling K. Brown was in talks to take on a brand new role in Disney's Frozen 2. Now, the Black Panther actor speaks out on how likely this is to actually happen. In a recent interview at San Diego Comic-Con, the man who is about to be seen in the forthcoming The Predator confirms that he is in talks for the role and also confirms that he really wants it. According to Brown...

Oh wow, what can I say, in negotiations right now. [I'm] feeling optimistic,There's a new character they want to introduce that I kind of auditioned for, and it would be an opportunity do something my kid can definitely watch. This is definitely family friendly, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

While Sterling K. Brown apparently had to audition for the role, if he's in negotiations, then it would seem that he's won the part. The only question now is if the two sides can come to terms on the deal. Usually, when a role reaches the "in talks" stage, the deal tends to get done, but there's always the possibility that the two sides can't reach an agreement for some reason, and those talks break down.

Sterling K. Brown's involvement in Frozen 2 was revealed alongside a report than Evan Rachel Wood was also in talks to voice a new character in the sequel to the biggest animated hit ever. If the one report was accurate, it's a safe bet the other was as well, though Wood was also only "in talks" so her deal may not be quite signed yet either.

Sterling K. Brown says one of the reasons he's excited by the prospect of joining Frozen 2 is because it would be something his kids can watch, which isn't the case for The Predator. However, that's not the only reason he wants the role. Brown tells ET he is friends with Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf the Snowman, and Brown says he'd love to work with him.

I know my man Josh Gad is in there. We've talked about it several times, and so an opportunity to play with him would be a lot of fun. So send up and hope for the best.

Whether Sterling K. Brown is speaking generally about working on the same project with Josh Gad or revealing that the character he would take on would play opposite Olaf in Frozen 2 is impossible to tell, but there's no question he would be a great addition to the cast. The sequel has a lot to live up to considering the success of the original, but adding a great actor like Sterling K. Brown can only help. Frozen 2 is set for release in November of 2020.

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