Why Deadpool 2 Was Right To Delete That Baby Hitler Scene

Deadpool 2

This past weekend, the folks behind Deadpool 2 revealed a very special deleted scene for the crowds in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. In promotion of the upcoming Super Duper Cut, the panel for the home video released premiered what was originally going to be the last post-credits scene of the movie: the murder of Baby Hitler. Having been in the room, I can tell you it's a funny gag, and a great response to the most classic time travel question of all time -- but what I would also argue is that the filmmakers made the right choice not including it in the theatrical version of the movie.

Right up front, it should be recognized that this has nothing to do with who Adolf Hitler was as a person (that motherfucker can die infinite violent deaths in hell). Rather, it's about how the scene sits in juxtaposition with the larger themes and messages specifically packed into the film that precedes it. Deadpool may not be a hero who is big on learning lessons, but he is one who has his own set of principles, and as we specifically learn over the course of Deadpool 2, the idea of shooting Baby Hitler is surprisingly contradictory to his core values.

The bit in question comes at the very end of Deadpool's time travel antics during the movie's end credits, taking the titular anti-hero to a hospital in late-19th century Austria. The Merc With The Mouth approaches a crib and stares at the baby inside, and quickly finds himself overcome with serious doubts, noting out loud that the whole thing is "harder than [he] thought." As we see a nametag that reads "A. Hitler," DP finally musters up the courage, and reaches for the baby with the intention of choking it -- though the scene cuts to black before he does.

This is a funny and shocking recreation of one of the great scruples questions of all time, and it is good for a giggle, but the issue with it ties back to the argument that Deadpool is having with Cable throughout the entire movie. Specifically, the latter believes that he has to kill Russell a.k.a. Firefist before he grows up to become a mass murderer, but the former doesn't see it that way. DP is repeatedly arguing that Russell's fate isn't sealed, and that he doesn't have to become the killer that slays Cable's family. He winds up being correct, as his own sacrifice play lets the young kid see goodness in humanity... but that's exactly why his 180 turn on the issue doesn't make a ton of sense when it comes to Adolf Hitler.

In fact, one could make the argument that Deadpool 2 left a potentially funnier joke on the table with the scenario -- though it would have meant making the sequence longer. Imagine that you have the scene play out exactly as it does, but then it has the costumed hero have the same moment of realization noted above. As a result, perhaps Wade Wilson kidnaps little Adolf and raises him as his own son, providing him with an idyllic and perfect life living in the alps, doing everything he can to prevent the rise of the fascist leader. And then even if things don't work out when he becomes an adult, still following down his historically horrific past, Deadpool can always kill him then.

Fans will soon be able to make their own judgement call about the extra Deadpool 2 post-credits scene, as the Super Duper Cut will be available in just a few short weeks (Digital on August 7th, and 4K/Blu-ray/DVD on August 21st). Be on the look out for it, and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more about the exciting home video release.

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