The Awesome Halloween Scene Director David Gordon Green Can't Wait For Fans To Finally See

Jamie Lee Curtis in the Halloween sequel

San Diego Comic-Con can be a Catch-22 for films that still have months to go before they screen. Yes, a movie can make a splash at a Hall H panel by bringing footage to the gathered fanbase. But quite often, it becomes hard to choose what to show, and what to protect... and the itch to show your entire movie to the fans must be overwhelming. So when we had the opportunity to speak with Halloween writer/director David Gordon Green ahead of his Hall H panel (which showed off a thrilling new trailer), we asked him to give fans a peek by revealing the one scene that he's dying for fans of the series to finally see. And he told us:

I'm dying for Halloween fans to see the sequence -- it's a one-shot sequence when Mike gets back to work. It's a very long shot. A very complicated scenario that we took a long time rehearsing and strategized on how to achieve it in one shot. Michael does a little trick-or-treating of his own, and that's pretty exciting.

Now THAT's a tease! We know that the Halloween sequel will reset the franchise, to a certain extent, picking up after the first movie but basically ignoring a lot of what happened in the subsequent sequels. Based on the first trailer, we see Michael Myers escaping from a prison transport after being provoked by a true-crime documentary film crew. And we now that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her iconic role) has been preparing for the lunatic who stalked her oh-so-many years ago. And she's ready for his return.

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In the full clip of our interview with David Gordon Green -- who co-wrote the new Halloween with Danny McBride -- he talks about how the role of Hunter and Hunted will change between Michael and Laurie throughout their story. And he elaborates on the joy of the communal aspect of horror in 2018, and why it's vital to see a movie like Halloween on opening weekend, with rabid fans. Here's CinemaBlend's chat with David Gordon Green at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

We still have some time until we get to see the new Halloween in theaters. Maybe this trailer can hold you over?

And now, we patiently wait until October 19, when Michael Myers will be ready to stalk the town of Haddonfield, one more time, in Halloween.

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