Blumhouse has been teasing fans about the first official trailer for David Gordon Green's Halloween for quite some time, and it did not disappoint. The Stronger director seems to have a very clear understanding of the franchise's tone and themes, and the preview has all of us on edge for the latest terrifying rampage of Michael Myers.

Of course, while the Halloween trailer has our blood pumping, and has officially made the wait for October 19 even more excruciating, it's also a clear love letter to John Carpenter's original Halloween as well. With that in mind, we have put together a list of deep cut references to the original that show up in this trailer -- which we can only assume means there will be plenty more in the actual film. On that note, let's get started with a clear nod to the late Annie Brackett.

Annie's Autopsy

The folks over at Blumhouse clearly did their homework when it came time to call back to the original Halloween and pick out details to include in this new film. One of the first elements that makes its way into the Halloween reboot trailer is the autopsy for Annie Bracket (portrayed by Nancy Loomis in the first film). Though it's not obviously Annie at first glance, the sketch of the dead girl notes marks on her neck where she was choked, as well as a slash wound where Michael finished her off when he ambushed her from the back of her car on the way to pick up her boyfriend, Paul.

Dr. Sam Loomis

In another clear bit of homage to the original Halloween, this trailer offers up a courtroom sketch showing us Dr. Sam Loomis (the late, great Donald Pleasance) testifying in court about how he shot Michael Myers six times ("I SHOT HIM IN THE HEART!") while saving Laurie Strode in the Doyle house. However, the trailer also goes one step further than that. Not only does this preview for David Gordon Green's Halloween include a shot of Sam Loomis as a means of honoring the hero of the first movie, but it also includes the same gunshot sound effects that ring out when Loomis fires at Michael in the first film.

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